Which kinds of resin tiles are the best?

  • By: xingfarooftile
  • Date: 2022/07/28

Synthetic resin tile is the professional and technical personnel to master epoxy resin forming, applied scientific research of technical processing process to carry out production and processing, easy to obtain, also can according to must be processed into various shapes, to installation and application must, is more common in the market, the processing technology carefully, quality, more by everyone love and the identity of the industry. Today I will introduce in detail the resin tile material has several which kind is the best.

1. a detailed introduction

Resin tile itself has recycling characteristics, which are widely recognized by everyone, and it is different processing process and technology, the new synthetic resin tile has more net weight and gentle, strong tensile strength, and has moisture-proof and waterproof characteristics, is indeed a good selection of the roof.

2. service life

Everyone is in the case that builds and decorates, service life should be the standard that considers, it is beautiful and generous, but do not have a longer service life, also be like embroidery pillow, do not use in. Resin tile is the raw material of the roof, you can not have these aspects of scruples, according to the research shows that the resin tile can have 30 years use period. And to participate in China’s large and medium-sized residential renovation, such as the 2008 Summer Olympics and the World Expo, it is not difficult to see its influence on the building decoration materials.

3.the selection method

Synthetic resin tile in the case of selection must also be some small methods, according to the proportion, baked with fire, see the variety of forms. If there is no existing proportion of the equipment, can specialty to experience the net weight, qualified is relatively gentle, and the imitation is relatively thick, can also be knocked according to the two panels to distinguish, there are low feel is better. Natural specialty to experience and use the ear inside to distinguish the sound, must be rich and colorful work experience, and the subjective is relatively strong, so it is very likely to be because of their temporary resolution and error.

2. Roast with fire

One edge of the ignition resin tile ignited, lit after no special smell, and after the open fire left can be immediately extinguished, some fake goods will reignite, and will spread a pungent smell. This method is relatively very easy to practical operation is also very easy to distinguish, and the characteristics of the open fire are also everyone should be very paying attention to, if after the fire, good resin tile is very easy to eliminate, proposed that we carefully identify.

3. Look at the appearance of the resin tile material. Qualified resin tile has an exquisite wheel corridor, bright color, looks beautiful and generous, and it is important to pay attention to the gloss of resin tile is matte, non-light, the choice should be needed to pay attention to.

Recently, a lot of customers have asked you about the installation of the resin tile steel frame, the synthetic resin tile field is generally not used to provide installation services, why is this? Take a simple example: Xinjiang province has a small engineering project that must be 1000 ㎡ resin tile, raw materials are taken here in Foshan, if you want to let the Foshan installation team here to Tibet to install the words, this fare and halfway delay time can be said to be penny wise and pound foolish. Therefore, many manufacturers only provide the installation engineering drawings or indications. General installation is the local installation team. The steel frame installation of synthetic resin tile is not as complicated as imagined, the general installation of color steel tile steel frame installation team can carry out the installation of synthetic resin tile, and the basic principle is similar. Originally resin tile is this commodity in the sales market large-scale use just began, so to find resin tile technical professional installation team is difficult, corrosion prevention coating installation team is also to color steel roof installation team transformation and development. Therefore, in the absence of how to install the situation, can find the installation of color steel roof people try oh. If the total area of the flat roof is not very large, the installation of this aspect can also try. According to the installation provided by the manufacturer, those who do not understand can also immediately call the seller to understand in the past, the seller will generally provide service support. Below to provide you with resin tile installation shows, looking forward to helping you. Correct before the installation must pay attention to the spacing of wood steel purlin or steel frame structure oh, the national industry standard is 40cm-60cm, and everyone’s proposal can not exceed 80cm, according to the thin thickness of the tile, the thicker the tile can be the moderate spacing wide point. To better ensure safety, 2.0 thick we proposed that the spacing should not be less than 40cm, 2.5 thick spacing should not be less than 60cm, and 3.0 thick spacing should not be less than 80cm. About the relative density of screws, if the local geographical environment is not very good conditions (such as strong wind, heavy rain, and other temperature), we propose a square meter to play 6 screws, in general conditions to play 4 can be. If the tile has a steel lap, generally we should play the structural reinforcement screws of the steel lap oh.





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