What are the differences and characteristics of pvc anti-corrosion tiles?Does pvc anti-corrosion tile need maintenance?

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  • Date: 2022/07/26

Pvc tile also called plastic steel tile, is an alternative product of color steel tile. Adopt multi-layer co-extrusion composite technology, add an anti-aging layer on the surface, wear layer on the bottom, and improve the weather resistance of the product.

Synthetic resin tile is developed with highquality PVC resin and imported super weather resistance engineering resin ASA, with durability, corrosion resistance, color, anti-aging, and the middle of the skeleton layer, good toughness, and high rigidity.

The characteristics of PVC anti-corrosion tile

1. The price is more affordable.

2. It is inflammable material, B1 grade fire safety performance.

3. Good chemical corrosion resistance, more than 3 times longer than color steel tile life.

4. Impact resistance and tensile resistance.

6. Low noise, noise can be reduced by more than 30dB than metal and roof board.

7.easy to install, save time and effort.

8. Bright and colorful colors.

9. No asbestos composition, no carcinogenic substance release.

Disadvantages: compared with traditional synthetic and resin tile, PVC tile has slightly worse dustability to light and heat and is easy to fade when used outdoors, but in order not to affect its performance.

Synthetic resin tile characteristics

Synthetic resin brick has all the characteristics of PVC anti-corrosion brick, better than PVC anti-corrosion brick in anti-corrosion performance, color more durable, longer service life, and the price is higher.

Application of PVC anticorrosive tile and synthetic resin tile

1.PVC anti-corrosion tile.

Suitable for the production of factory roofs and walls, large span, can save steel, reduce management costs.

2.synthetic resin tile.

Widely used in self-built houses, villas, antique buildings and other permanent building, and roof decoration, is very suitable for acid rain areas and coastal areas.

PVC anticorrosive tile can be seen everywhere in our life, in the warehouse, shed, and factory roof can be seen, in fact, PVC anticorrosive tile also has different shapes, so, what are the types of PVC anticorrosive tile? What is the difference in usage between them?

The small circle wave tile type is more traditional, we can combine it with the overall situation of the roof, and flexible adjustment of the lap width. Yuecheng resin tile is made of scientific formulas and advanced technology. It has the advantages of anti-corrosion, weather resistance, and bright color.

Large round wave tile, increase the wave height to 36mm so that the waterproof effect will be better, the design is to use the shape of glazed tile, beautiful appearance.

Trapezoidal wave is similar to the waveform of color steel tile, but the wave height increases, and the width of color steel tile, is the upgrade of color steel tile.

PVC anticorrosive tile with PVC as the main raw material, after scientific formula, and then the use of advanced technology, enhance the strength of PVC anticorrosive tile, and improve the hardness, to solve the rustproof waterproof problem, so you can replace the color steel tile.

PVC semi-permeable tile is the lighting tile we often say, paving on the roof of the factory building, so that the indoor light is bright and soft, avoid direct light, Yue Cheng PVC semi-permeable tile can resist ultraviolet, acid, alkali and other corrosion, light transmittance up to 70%, can be matched with PVC anti-corrosion tile.

U-shaped PVC anti-corrosion tank, we can not only be used to do roof drainage but also in the production line to do a water pressure test, planting vegetables, high stability, good strength, simple installation.

Customers who have used color steel tiles know that color steel tiles are easy to rust, have poor corrosion resistance, and often need to be maintained and maintained. In the last two years, have been changed to use PVC anti-corrosion tile to replace the color steel tile, but few people will go to using color steel tile. So, does PVC anticorrosive tile need maintenance?

Because the color of steel tile is iron, even if the surface is sprayed with paint, the paint will be easy to rust off, we often have to refurbish, so the maintenance cost will be relatively high. PVC anti-corrosion tile is resin material, good anti-corrosion, never rust. Some people will say that PVC anti-corrosion tile is plastic, not durable. there is a great difference between resin and plastic, plastic has a small amount of resin, so it is easy to age, but the resin composition of PVC anticorrosive tile is up to 80%.

Experiments show that: PVC anticorrosive tile in a variety of acid immersion 24 hours without any reaction; Resin tile does not absorb water, not easy to absorb dust. If it is highquality PVC anti-corrosion tile, 30 years do not need to carry out late maintenance!

PVC anticorrosive tile is light in weight and has fire insulation, heat insulation, wind resistance, shock resistance, simple installation, environmental protection, etc. It is suitable for carports, channels, factory buildings, etc. It is a substitute for color steel tile, and it is more and more widely used.

In the past, many factories, market channels, and other roofs are mostly made of colored steel tiles, and colored steel tiles are poor in anticorrosion, easy to rust, and then water leakage, and often need to go to maintenance. But now a kind of building materials market appeared to call PVC plastic tile, this kind won’t resemble color steel tile rust, then leak.

PVC plastic tile belongs to the new environmental protection building materials, is the replacement of color steel tile products, corrosion resistance is good, the experiment proved: PVC plastic tile can soak in all kinds of acid and no chemical reaction, effective acid and alkali corrosion.

PVC plastic tile span is large, width up to 40 meters long, suitable for large factories, markets, villas, etc., obviously save material cost and effectively protect steel structure rust erosion, especially suitable for acid rain in areas, coastal areas, etc.

PVC plastic tile in addition to effective anti-corrosion also has the advantages of heat preservation, fire prevention, waterproofing, insulation, etc., and is the replacement of color steel tile products.





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