Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Roof Tile

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Roof Tile

Main Benefits

  • High impact strength – resists hail, wind
  • Excellent chemical resistance – withstands a wide variety of chemicals
  • UV resistant – does not yellow or fade for years
  • Weather resistant – stands up to harsh weather conditions
  • Rapid installation
  • Better water drainage

Typical Applications

  • Coastal plants and warehouses
  • Livestock shelters
  • Garden pavilion
  • Covering for conveyors structures in chemically-aggressive environments
  • Houses
  • Seaside villa

PRODUCT Description

Introduction of Photovoltaic (PV) Roof Tile

Solar photovoltaic (PV) roof tiles are an innovative roofing material that perfectly combines traditional roof tiles with solar power generation technology. The roof tiles perform a dual function, providing a reliable protective layer to buildings while efficiently converting sunlight into clean electricity.

The appearance of solar photovoltaic roof tiles is similar to traditional tiles, but unlike traditional tiles, these tiles are embedded with advanced solar cell technology, which can convert sunlight into electricity, thereby providing stable and clean energy for buildings.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Roof Tile Application

The innovative incorporation of solar photovoltaic (PV) roof tiles is leading the development of the building and energy industries in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly direction. The development of this material benefits from the continuous advancement of solar technology, combining the functions of traditional roof tiles with the ability to generate clean energy, providing buildings with more functionality and value.


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Comparison of Photovoltaic Roof Tile and Glazed Tile

Photovoltaic roof tiles combine the dual functions of solar power generation technology and building protection. The roof tiles have integrated solar panels that convert sunlight into electricity, providing clean, renewable energy for the building. Photovoltaic roof tiles have significant advantages in terms of sustainable development and environmental protection and have made important contributions to the sustainable development of the construction industry by reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption.

Glazed tile is an ancient and unique aesthetic roofing material. Usually made of glass or ceramic, the tiles have a glossy finish and a variety of color options, giving buildings a unique visual appeal. However, glazed tiles do not have the ability to generate energy, so their contribution to sustainability and environmental protection is relatively limited.

UPVC Roofing Sheet VS Metal Roofing Sheet

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Standard Color

Type   Color
Opaque  Dark Grey, Blue, Terracota, Brick Red, Ink-Green
Property Method Unit Condition Value
Flexural Strength D790 MPa 0.9 mm/min 45.4
Impacted D4226 J Strike 3.6Kg 8.2
Tensile Strength ISO527 MPa 5 mm/min 20.7
Tensile Test ISO527 %   18
Vicat Temp D1525 50℃/h 82.9
Thermal Conductivity C518 W/(m.k)   0.061
Thermal Resistance C518 (㎡.k)W   0.041
Dimensional Stability D1204 mm 100℃,1h -0.2%

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Clean Energy Production

One of the most notable features of Xingfa solar photovoltaic roof tiles is the ability to generate clean energy, providing sustainable, renewable, and clean energy for buildings. The technology enables a green mode of electricity generation that avoids the combustion of fossil fuels, consequently resulting in no emission of harmful gases.

By directly transforming sunlight into electricity, Xingfa photovoltaic roof tiles diminish the necessity for finite natural resources like coal, oil, and natural gas during the energy production process. This not only aids in diminishing the susceptibility of energy supply and the environmental strain caused by the extraction and utilization of these resources but also reduces the operational and maintenance costs of photovoltaic roof tiles, given their fuel-free nature, requiring solely periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Dual Function

Their robust design and durability make photovoltaic roof tiles effective against harsh weather conditions, rainfall and storms. By creating a reliable barrier on the roof, they protect the building interior from the elements outside, extending the life of the building and reducing maintenance and restoration costs.

The energy generating function of photovoltaic roof tiles makes them innovative energy solutions. By integrating solar panels into the tiles, buildings are able to generate electricity on their own roofs. This autonomous energy generation provides buildings with greater energy autonomy and reduces dependence on conventional energy supplies.

Sustainability and Environmental Protection

Solar photovoltaic roof tiles also have the advantages of sustainability and environmental protection. Their energy source comes from the sun, so their production and use have relatively little impact on the environment. This is of great significance for reducing environmental loads, improving air quality, and coping with climate change.

Compared with traditional energy production methods, photovoltaic roof tiles do not produce harmful gas emissions such as carbon dioxide and sulfur compounds, thereby reducing the negative impact on the atmosphere and the environment.

The sustainability of photovoltaic roof tiles is reflected in the infinity and regenerative nature of their energy sources. Solar energy is a typical representative of renewable energy. It will not be exhausted and can continuously supply energy. This renewable nature ensures a sustainable supply of energy without depletion issues like finite fossil fuels. Therefore, photovoltaic roof tiles have an important role in terms of future energy demand and environmental sustainability.






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