Antique ASA One-Piece Tile

Antique ASA One-Piece Tile

Main Benefits

  • Non-corrosive
  • Exceptional fire resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Resistant against harsh weather conditions
  • Rapid and efficient installation
  • Better water drainage properties

Typical Applications

  • Coastal plants and warehouses
  • Livestock shelters
  • Garden pavilion
  • Covering for conveyors structures in chemically-aggressive environments
  • Houses
  • Seaside villa
  • Ideal for durable, long-lasting roofing solutions

PRODUCT Description

Introduction of ASA One-Piece Tile

ASA one-piece synthetic resin tiles are made of ultra-high weather resistance and corrosion resistance engineering resin ASA through advanced techniques and special molding processes. Xingfa’s composite roof tiles are rich in color and amazing in performance. They are characterized by lightweight, heat insulation, noise reduction, flame retardancy, and strong resistance to aging. ASA one-piece synthetic resin roof tiles are both functional and decorative.

Under various harsh climatic conditions, ASA synthetic resin tiles exhibit excellent weather resistance. Whether in hot and humid tropical climates, marine areas with corrosive humid environments, or cold mountainous regions, these tile materials maintain their original mechanical and physical strength properties. Because of this, synthetic resin tiles are now widely used in engineering projects of various scales, such as flat slope roofs, residential villas, awning structures, and farmers’ markets.

Roman & Spanish Roof Tile Application

ASA one-piece tiles have become a novel building material, supported and advocated by many countries. Xingfa’s synthetic resin roof tiles are not only environmentally friendly but also excel in energy efficiency, making them a sustainable choice.


Commercial Park

Renovation of Residential House

Residential buildings in China.

The Asian Games

Factory Reconstruction Project

Factory reconstruction project in China.

Slope Improvement Project

Scenic Area Reconstruction Project

Scenic area reconstruction Project in China.

Synthetic Resin Roof Tile VS Glazed Tile

Synthetic resin roof tiles and glazed tiles are two very different roofing materials, each with unique features and benefits. Synthetic roof tiles use ASA resin, which has excellent weather resistance, durability, and UV protection. This makes synthetic resin tiles perform well in different climatic conditions, whether it is extremely hot or humid environment, they can maintain stable performance.

Glazed tiles, in contrast, are often made of materials such as clay or ceramics and are coated with a bright-colored glaze layer of various colors to give them a smooth, shiny appearance. However, the weight of glazed tiles is relatively large, and they will be relatively high after absorbing water, which will increase the bearing pressure of the beam.

Spanish & Roman Roof Tile VS Glazed Tile

Standard Dimensions

 Effective Width (mm)

Thickness (mm)  Wave Height / Distance Length (m) Number of Ridges Vertical Overlap Horizontal Overlap Minimum Slope
960 2.0 / 2.3 / 2.5 / 2.8 / 3.0 30

Customized (times of unit Length of 100 mm)


1 ridge(90mm)


Sin 15°

Cos 20°

Standard Color

Type   Color
Opaque  Dark Grey, Blue, Terracota, Brick Red, Ink-Green
Semi-Translucent White

Typical Physical Properties

No. Test Item Test Method Result Unit
1 Dimensinal Stability ASTM D1204-14(2020) Direction of arrow -0.2%
Perpendicular to
Direction of arrow
2 Flexural Test ASTM D790-17
Procedure A
MPa 45.4
3 Striker Impacted by a Falling Weight ASTM D4226-19 ε 1
Procedure B
Specimen thickness: 2.51mm
Geomety: H.25
Strike weight: 3.6 kg
J 8.2
4 Thermal
ASTM C518-17
Specimen: 300 mm * 300 *2.5 mm, 1pc
Density: about 1680 kg/m³
Mean temperature: 40°C
Temperature difference: 10°C
W/m·K 0.061
Thermal Resistance (m²·K)/W 0.041
5 Tensile Strength ASTM D638-14
Specimen: Type Ⅰ
Specimen thickness: 2.48 mm
Testing speed: 5mm/ min
Distance between grips:115mm
21 MPa
6 Vicat Softening Temperature ASTM D1525-17ε 1
Specimen thickness: 5.07 mm
(2 layers plied up)
Hest – transfer media: Silicone oil
Rate of temperature: 50°C/h
Load: 50 N
82.9 °C
7 Chemical Resistance ISO 175: 2010
Immersion method,
23°C, 48h
40 % (m/m)
No visual change
35 % (m/m)
Visual discoloring,
but no visual change
30 % (m/m)
No visual change
8 Light Ageing Test – UV Exposure ASTM G154-16 Cycle1
& ASTM D262-19
Grey Scale 4.5

No information.

ASA one-piece synthetic resin tiles have a range of attractive features that make them the ideal roofing solution:

Excellent Weather Resistance

Excellent weather resistance is an important feature of ASA one-piece synthetic resin roof tiles, which enables this roofing material to maintain excellent performance in many extreme environments. ASA one-piece synthetic roof tile can effectively resist the erosion of ultraviolet radiation through its unique material formula and surface treatment.

Whether it is hot summer or cold winter, synthetic roof tiles are able to adapt to extreme temperature changes. They will not crack or deform due to rapid temperature changes, ensuring long-term stable performance and appearance of the roof.

Durable and Impact Resistant

ASA resin is a material with high strength and toughness, which endows the roof tile material with excellent durability and effectively reduces the risk of cracks and breakage caused by impact or external pressure. In addition, its strong impact resistance enables it to remain stable in extreme wind conditions such as strong winds and hurricanes, preventing roof tiles from falling off or shattering.

Impact-resistant properties help extend the life of the roof. By reducing impact-induced damage, composite roof tiles are able to maintain their functionality and appearance, making the entire roof system more durable and reducing the need for maintenance and replacement.

Long Lasting Color

Synthetic roof tiles are produced using high-quality pigments and special materials that are able to maintain their vibrant colors over a long period of time, resisting the erosion of UV radiation and climate change. In addition, ASA one-piece tiles apply advanced UV-resistant technology in the manufacturing process, which helps to slow down the speed of color fading.

Due to the color durability of synthetic roof tiles, homeowners do not require frequent color restoration or repainting. This not only reduces maintenance costs but also saves time and labor.

Thermal and Sound Insulation

Synthetic resin tiles have excellent heat insulation performance. These roof tiles effectively reduce heat transfer between the exterior and interior of the building, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

In addition, ASA one-piece synthetic resin tiles also have impressive sound insulation capabilities. The inherent structure and material of these roof tiles help absorb and dampen external noise such as rainfall, hail, and wind, preventing them from causing serious disturbances within the building.

Lightweight and Easy to Install

ASA tiles are made of synthetic resin materials, which are lighter in weight compared to heavy materials such as traditional ceramic tiles and concrete tiles. This not only reduces the burden on the tile material itself but also reduces the load on the roof structure, helping to ensure the structural stability of the building.

The lightweight nature of ASA tiles makes the installation process more efficient. Construction crews can install tile material on the roof more quickly, reducing construction time and labor costs. At the same time, the one-piece design of composite roof tiles further simplifies the installation process. No complicated connection or assembly steps are required, which helps reduce errors and installation problems while increasing construction efficiency.





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