Roman Roof Tile

Roman Roof Tile

Main Benefits

  • Xingfa Roman roof tiles won’t corrode – ideal for housing projects
  • Fire resistant – self-extinguishes and meets the highest standards in the field
  • High impact strength – resists hail, wind
  • Excellent chemical resistance – withstands a wide variety of chemicals
  • UV resistant – no yellowing or fading for years
  • Weather resistant – stands up to harsh weather conditions

Typical Applications

  • Coastal plants and warehouses
  • Livestock shelters
  • Garden pavilion
  • Covering for conveyors structures in chemically-aggressive environments
  • Houses
  • Seaside villa

PRODUCT Description

Introduction of Roman Roof Tiles

Roman roof tile is a modern roof material, which not only retains the design beauty of traditional Roman architecture but also has the advantages of modern technology, providing reliable protection and decoration for the roof of the building. Made of synthetic resin, this roof tile combines its durability and weather resistance with the aesthetic appeal of traditional Roman roof tiles.

Synthetic resin Roman roof tiles not only retain the classic elements of ancient Roman architecture aesthetically but also have the advantages of modern technology in terms of functionality. Their durability and weather resistance mean these tiles will hold up well in all climates, reducing the need for maintenance and replacement. In addition, their lightweight nature makes the installation process more efficient, while reducing the load on the overall structure, providing more design flexibility for the building.

Single Roman Roof Tiles Application

Synthetic resin Roman roof tiles strike a balance between historic elegance and modern technology, making them ideal for those looking for a unique and durable roofing solution. It not only provides an innovative way for architects and owners to integrate ancient elegant designs into modern buildings but also provides stable protection for the roof of the building.

Project – Residential Housing in China

Commercial Stock

Heavy Industry

Agriculture Industry

Composition Comparison of Roman Roof Tile and Glazed Tile

Roman roof tiles are made of synthetic resin, which is a modern material. This material has excellent durability and weather resistance and will hold up well in a variety of climates. Synthetic resin Roman roof tiles vary in color and texture depending on the type of synthetic resin used and the manufacturing process. They are known for their durability, weather resistance, and modern aesthetic appeal.

Glazed tiles, on the other hand, are usually made of ceramic or porcelain materials. The composition of glazed tiles includes clay mixed with various minerals and additives, and then fired at high temperatures. The surface of glazed tiles is covered with bright-colored glaze layer. Although glazed tiles have a unique luster and decorative aesthetics, they may be relatively weak in terms of weather resistance and durability. Moreover, glazed tiles are heavy, the installation process may be more complicated, and more structural support is required.

UPVC Roofing Sheet VS Metal Roofing Sheet

Standard Dimensions

Profile Wave Height / Distance  Thickness (mm) Width (mm)  Effective (mm) Pitch Length (mm)  Length (m)
Royal Spanish 30 / 160 2.3 / 2.5 / 2.8 / 3.0 1040 960 219 1.314 – 11.607
Roman Roof Tiles 43 / 188  2.3 / 2.5 / 2.8 / 3.0 1040 940 328 1.312 – 11.8

Roman Roof Tiles Standard Color

Type   Color
Opaque  Dark Grey, Blue, Terracota, Brick Red, Ink-Green
Semi-Translucent White

Typical Physical Properties

Property Method Unit Condition Value
Flexural Strength D790 MPa 0.9 mm / min 45.4
Impacted D4226 J Strike 3.6Kg 8.2
Tensile Strength ISO527 MPa 5 mm / min 20.7
Tensile Test ISO527 % 18
Vicat Temp D1525 50℃ / h 82.9
Thermal Conductivity C518 W / (m.k) 0.061
Thermal Resistance C518 (㎡.k)W 0.041
Dimensional Stability D1204 mm 100℃, 1h -0.2%

No information.

Durability and Protection

Roman roof tiles are outstanding in many ways due to their superior durability and strong protective properties. These synthetic roof tiles are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, maintaining consistent performance whether it’s scorching summer, freezing winter, or blustery storms.

At the same time, synthetic resin Roman roof tiles can also effectively resist the damage of ultraviolet radiation and prevent the material from aging and fading. This performance of weather resistance ensures that the composite roof tile can maintain its bright color and appearance during long-term use, and is not affected by the external environment. In the face of chemical erosion, this synthetic roof tile also exhibits excellent chemical resistance, can withstand the test of acid rain, pollutants, etc., and maintain its integrity and stability.

The excellent durability and excellent protection performance of ancient Roman roof tiles can not only maintain stability in extreme environments, but also prolong the service life of the roof, reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, and provide long-term reliability for buildings. protection, ensuring that its roof remains solid and secure at all times.

Fire Resistance and Safety

Roman roof tiles excel in fire performance, are self-extinguishing, and meet strict fire protection standards. In the event of a fire, this synthetic roof tile can quickly extinguish itself, effectively slowing down the spread of the fire.

Its excellent fire performance provides an additional safety barrier for buildings, ensuring the safety of the lives and properties of occupants and users. This property plays a vital role in fire prevention and response, providing reliable support for the overall safety of buildings.

Aesthetics and Tradition

Roman roof tile perfectly integrates the aesthetics of classical Roman architecture with modern technology with its unique design concept. Inherited from classic Roman roof designs, this tile imparts elegance, history, and cultural heritage to buildings. At the same time, it also incorporates modern elements to adapt to today’s diverse architectural styles. This exquisite fusion creates a unique visual charm and endows the building with a richer personality. Whether it is in the ancient city style or the modern urban landscape, it can be eye-catching and become a beautiful landscape.

Lightweight Design and Sustainability

Synthetic resin Roman roof tiles are characterized by their lightweight design and bring multiple benefits to the field of construction. This design makes the tiles more portable, which helps to simplify the installation process, reducing construction time and labor costs. At the same time, the lightweight feature also reduces the burden on the overall building structure, thereby reducing energy consumption, which is conducive to energy saving and effective use of resources.

Furthermore, the manufacturing process of single Roman roof tiles is often environmentally oriented, using environmentally friendly materials and techniques that reduce the demand on natural resources and lower the negative impact on the environment. Xingfa ancient Roman roof tiles not only focus on lightweight design but also actively practice the concept of environmental protection in the production process, making positive contributions to sustainable buildings.





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