How much is a square meter of synthetic resin tiles? How much is it to lay 100 square meters of synthetic resin tiles?

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  • Date: 2022/08/02

We have received continuous calls about synthetic resin tiles. Usually, customers’ houses cover an area of dozens of square meters and 100 square meters. And our Xingfa tile industry can provide customers with free quantity calculation services. Today we will introduce our products to you:

1.Introduce the simple steps before consulting the synthetic resin tiles in detail.

2. How much are the synthetic resin tiles for the roof of 100 square meters? And what is the cost of synthetic resin tiles accessories?

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Detailed introduction of simple steps before consulting synthetic resin tiles

1.Know whether customers have different requirements for the quality and thickness of synthetic resin tiles?

What are the main uses of synthetic resin tiles? Specification and model of synthetic resin tiles:

Material: ASA (new upgraded material)

Thickness: 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm (basic thickness). If it is a large project, it can be customized.

Total width: 880mm (actual 800mm, the reinforcement must be overlapped by one wave), 1050mm (actual 960mm).

Length: laser cutting according to the customer’s roof specification, (pitch diameter 218mm-220mm)

Basic colors: wine red, gray-green, Chinese red, light blue.

Because our Xingfa tile has many kinds of materials, specifications, thicknesses, and colors, we need to understand the needs of customers before purchasing synthetic resin tiles, so that we can better provide customers with suitable solutions and suggestions for their roof tiles. PS: if your house is newly built and renovated, and you want to use it for more than 20 years, it is proposed to use 3.0mm thick, ASA resin tile gray-green.

2. How large is the customer’s roof? How many drainage pipes? 

1) After the total roof area of the customer is given to our supervisor, we will calculate the estimated transportation cost for you.

2) Knowing how many drainage pipes you are, we can calculate the cost of accessories for you, and create a more beautiful and generous roof tile. (prepare for quantity calculation)

3. How much are the synthetic resin tiles for the roof of 100 square meters?

To know the precise roof ABC specification (double-sided drainage pipe) or ABCDE specification (four-sided drainage pipe), you need to provide the specifications of the herringbone roof and four-sided drainage pipe, and then the Xingfa resin tile manufacturer will calculate the cost of 100 square meters of roof resin tile for you.

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When we want to lay synthetic resin tiles, we need to know the price first. The question we often ask is, how much is 100 square meters of synthetic resin tiles? The resin tile is light and waterproof and has a variety of colors to choose from. The roofs of many rural houses, factories, or warehouses will choose resin tiles. What is the cost of resin tile? How much is it for 100 square meters of resin tiles? So before you buy, you need to know the specific price and type.

Generally speaking, after we know the price, we will consider the installation cost. Compare whether the cost of resin tile is low or the installation cost of metal sheet tile or ceramic tile is low. What is the labor cost of installing and laying resin tiles? The market price in Sichuan is 30 yuan / square meter, and that in Guangdong is 34 yuan / square meter. The wholesale price of the manufacturer will be lower than the market price. The use of raw materials is completely different from high-quality resin tiles. Some ASA surface thickness is less than 0.15mm, and some use ABS instead of ASA. This tile material is easy to fade, easy to break, not resistant to aging, and short service life. The surface of the good resin tile is weather-resistant engineering resin, and the thickness is 0.15mm specified in the national standard, so the material, quality, performance, and service life of the standard resin tile are very superior, so the raw materials are about good, and the cost also needs more.

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As we all know, resin tiles have developed rapidly in recent years. There are at least hundreds of resin tile factories and countless distributors in China. How much are 100 square meters of resin tile? The price of 100 square meters of resin tiles is about 3000-5000 yuan. Different specifications of resin tiles will have different prices. Changes in thickness and width will affect the price. There will be price differences between resin tiles in different regions. Different quality resin tiles will also have price differences. The labor cost and the size of the resin tile installation area will affect the price. Generally speaking, the price of labor and materials per square meter is about 120-150 yuan and 12000-15000 yuan for 100 square meters.

The above is our estimate of 100 square meters of resin tiles. Because there are many brands of resin tiles, customers must be careful not to be deceived when buying.





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