UPVC Insulated Twinwall Roofing Sheet

UPVC Insulated Twinwall Roofing Sheet

Main Benefits

  • UPVC roofing sheets do not corrode 
  • Fire Resistant – self-extinguishes 
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance – withstands a wide variety of chemicals
  • UV Resistant – does not yellow or fade for years
  • Weather Resistant – stands up to harsh weather conditions
  • Sound Resistance - keep away from noise
  • Excellent Heat Insulation - double frame and hollow design, provide great heat insulation

Typical Applications

  • Coastal plants and warehouses
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical plants
  • Mines and metal processing facilities
  • Livestock shelters
  • Food manufacturing and storage
  • Covering for conveyors structures in chemically-aggressive environments

PRODUCT Description

Introduction of UPVC Insulated Twinwall Roofing Sheet

Insulated roofing panels cleverly utilize the principles of airflow and thermal insulation, making them one of the preferred roofing materials for indoor cooling.

The hollow multi-frame structure formed by dense reinforcement bars enhances the steel properties and bending resistance of the products and reduces the cost of roof steel structure.

The insulated roofing panels use air media sound insulation, which has excellent effects and keeps you away from noise. Beautiful and practical anti-leakage design, the appearance is more generous.



Commercial Stock

Commercial Stock

Commercial warehouse in China.

Heavy Industry

Heavy Industry

Ceramic Factory, China.

Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Industry

Fertilizer plant, China.

UPVC Roofing Sheet VS Metal Roofing Sheet

Gardening conditions including barns, pigpens, hen properties, dairies, and stables can current clean and cleansing problems for just about any roofing or cladding materials. Gases such as ammonia and hydrogen are typical in livestock serving or housing conditions and are generally the original source of fast and prevalent corrosion and rust for steel roofs and dividers. This corrosion results in high routine maintenance and alternative fees. Xingfa UPVC roofing sheets offer you a free and chemical-resistant alternative that provides farmers with years of affordability, extremely low maintenance costs, and improved cleanliness.

UPVC Roofing Sheet VS Metal Roofing Sheet

Business conditions such as mining and compound finalizing plant life create dirt and ash that, when along with mist, rainwater, and possibly even saltwater, coat the roofing by using a level that is certainly highly corrosive to metals. However, Xingfa UPVC roofing sheets are virtually maintenance-free as they can pass through a wide range of gases and chemical compounds throughout the life of the insulated roofing panels and in the harshest environments.

Standard Dimensions

Profile Designation Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
Twin Wall Roof 40 / 215 10.0 930 1.5 - 11.8
Twin Wall Roof 40 / 166 10.0 885 1.5 - 11.8

UPVC Insulated Twinwall Roofing Sheets Standard Color

Type Color
Opaque White, Light Grey, Blue, Light Blue
Semi-Translucent White

Typical Physical Properties






Flexural Strength



0.9 mm/min





Strike 3.6Kg


Tensile Strength



50 mm/min


Vicat Temp




Thermal Conductivity





Thermal Resistance


(㎡.k) W



No information.

Xingfa is a professional UPVC roofing sheets manufacturer. UPVC insulated roofing panels are better in heat insulation than ordinary composite PVC plastic roof tiles in terms of preventing aging and corrosion prevention. Heat temperature effect can up to differences by 15-20℃, a longer service life. UPVC insulated roofing panels also have acid and alkali resistance, much better for sound insulation. Because the UPVC twin wall structure is more rigid than other single layer or three layers of UPVC roofing sheets, the spacing between purlin can be up to 1200mm during installation, saving purlin procurement and construction cost.

UPVC insulated roofing panels have excellent heat insulation and fast cooling function with air structure. The design of the hollow multi-frame cleverly uses the principle of flowing air heat insulation, making it one of the first choices of roof materials for indoor cooling in the building.

UPVC Roofing Multi-Frame Design, Both Rigid and Soft

PVC hollow multi-frame structure formed by dense reinforcement tendon makes the product rigidity and bending resistance doubled, which brings you the cost of roof steel structure, and the appearance is more soft and generous.

Amazing Sound Insulation, Away From Troubles

The insulated roofing panels use air media sound insulation, which has excellent effects and keeps you away from noise.

Patent Design, Waterproof and Leakproof

Adopt advanced ASA co-extrusion technology to ensure that the color remains unchanged for ten years.




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