Price And Service Life Of Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles?

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  • Date: 2022/10/20

Price And Service Life Of Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles

Synthetic resin tile, also known as plastic tile, is made of high weatherability engineering quality resin, toughness skeleton layer and high strength PVC wear layer. At present, it has been widely used in China, Europe, America, Africa, Asia,and other countries.

In China, synthetic resin tile production is mainly concentrated in Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong. Jiangsu,and Zhejiang provinces of resin tile are relatively medium, Sichuan province resin tile is famous for its moderate price. As an earthquake-prone area, the demand for resin tiles is naturally very large. The resinous tile price that Sichuan produces is for every square meter commonly 20-40 yuan. There are cheaper ones, of course, but they won’t last 20 to 30 years.

Every product has its own production cost. If it is sold below cost, is its quality guaranteed? Guangdong resin tile price is generally higher, the factory price is generally 30-50 yuan/square meters, but there are low. Guangdong all resin tiles are highquality price. Is not the price of resin wali, Sichuans low quality is good, and the price is always around the cost and quality.

Secondly, we talk about their synthesis and resin tile network life. Why do some of them use resin tiles for decades, and some just a few years to crack and leak? The most important or a resin tile raw material management problem.

The experiment proved that the main material of synthetic resin tile, POLYvinyl chloride resin,and surface high weather resistance ASA resin does not react with acid and alkali, can long-term acid and alkali corrosion resistance, even if the tile body in the long-term acid, alkali and salt environment will not affect the product performance. Therefore, it has a long service life, with better corrosion resistance, and anti-aging characteristics, so its service life can be up to 30 years. In addition, resin tile thickness and co-extrusion technology, as well as the use of environmental factors will affect the service life of resin tile.

Generally speaking, the material used by resin tile not only affects its price but also affects its life. Some resin tile manufacturers to save costs, jerked corners, resin tile surface ASA thickness is less than 0.15mm, or ABS fabric, its weather resistance is greatly reduced. Some also use recycled materials to produce resin tiles, which are also of poor quality. The color will fade after a few months of use and will be fine after 2-3 years. So the price of this resin tile will be much cheaper.

When buying resin tile, therefore, it is important to information quality of enterprise products, brands and manufacturers can undertake a comprehensive comparison, the resin tile production equipment manufacturer qualification, professional, successful cases ,and after-sales management services have a comprehensive understanding, can obtain the guarantee to buy cost-effective resin tile products.

Villa Roof Tile, Synthetic Resin Tile, And Glazed Tile Price Which Cheap?

100 square shop resin Alvarado less money?

This is the price we buy resin tile, the sale process. After understanding 100 square shop resin Alvarado less money, will also ask how much installation cost? Below is yue Cheng resin tile editor to introduce you to 100 square shop resin Alvarado for less money? How much does it cost to install?

There are many resin tile manufacturers, and different brands, different thicknesses, the price of resin tile is not the same. Question 100 square shop resin less money? Yue Cheng resin tile can only be said to be an approximate price, in 30-50 yuan/square meter or so, 100 square resin tile price is about 3000-5000 yuan, different manufacturers, resin tile quality will be different, maybe the cost of raw materials itself is different, may also be the problem of production technology; The same brand in different regions, the price is also different, may be appropriate to increase transportation, labor,and other costs, so different regions, the price of resin tile is different.

The 2nd problem is the installation cost of colophony watts, this is concerned with the installation area size of colophony watts, generally speaking, the price of installation of every square meter of colophony watts is controlled by 25 dollars.

Resin tile manufacturers many, if you want to save money, you can find Yue Cheng resin tile manufacturers, Yue Cheng resin tile manufacturers direct can save middlemen link, Yue Cheng resin tile will have distribution points throughout the country, and the price will be preferential.

When we are going to make resin shingles, we are going to understand the price. The question we often ask is how much resin does it cost? How much do 120 square roof resin tiles cost? Resin tile is lightweight, has good water resistance, a variety of colors to choose from. Many rural houses, factories, or chimney roofs choose resin shingles. How much money does colophony tile one square meter? How much do 120 square roof resin tiles cost? You should know the exact price and model number before you buy.

Generally, after we know the price, we consider the installation cost. Resin shingles cost less than installing other shingles. How much is the artificial cost of installing resin tile per square meter? Laid resinous tile how much money per square meter? The price difference is: thickness of 2.5mm, width 880mm. The market price is 38 yuan per square meter in Sichuan and 40 yuan per square meter in Guangdong. With the same thickness and width of 1050mm, the market price in Sichuan is 40 yuan/square meter, and the price in Guangdong will reach 42 yuan. The thickness is 3.0mm, the width is 880mm, the price in Sichuan is 36 yuan/square meter, and the price in Guangdong will reach 38 yuan/square meter. Prices will be lower in the wholesale market. The surface of high-quality resin tile is ASA weather-resistant engineering resin, and the thickness reaches the national standard 0.15mm.

We all know that resin tile has developed rapidly in recent years. China has at least hundreds of resin-tile factories and countless other distributors. The price of 120 square roof resin tiles may range from 4000 to 6000 yuan. Different specifications of resin tile will also have different prices. The thickness and width of the tile will affect the price. For example, if the purchase is made onsite, the price will be lower, and transportation, labor ,and other costs will be included onsite. Generally, they pass those costs on to the trees, and the price of resin shingles varies from region to region. Different quality resin tiles also have different prices. Labor costs, resin tile installation area of the size of the price are difficult to affect. Generally speaking, the artificial cost of every square meter, of material is 120-150 yuan or so, 120 square meters are about 14000-15,000 yuan.

The above is a small edition estimated according to the local price because the brand and variety of resin tiles are more. We must be careful not to be cheated when we buy. Xiaobian here to recommend Yue Cheng synthetic resin tile.

Roofing tile with synthetic resin tile and glazed tile in the majority, similar appearance, belong to the high-end atmosphere, and villa temperament integration. Since the appearance is similar, you should compare the price and performance of the two at that time. Villa roof tile, synthetic resin tile, and glazed tile price which cheap? Let’s make a rough budget:

One square meter of glazed tiles is about 33 pieces of glazed tiles, and the market price of glazed tiles is 2-2.5 yuan per piece. Based on 2 yuan, it is about 66 yuan per square meter. The price per square meter is generally developed by using 1.5 yuan of wood, 6 yuan of linoleum paper, and 2 yuan of cement concrete mortar, the total price is about 75.5 yuan /㎡, when laying, each student can use 15 square meters at most every day, the labor cost is 200 yuan/day, If the area of 300 square meters is carried out by a Chinese worker, the work needs to be better completed in 20 days according to the installatio.

Glazed tile is small, lap more, water leakage probability is high. Glazed tiles can also be cracked and damaged during transportation and installation. Therefore, it is recommended to buy more glazed tiles to prevent damage resulting in insufficient use. Glazed brick is in use process also can burst to fall off, already dangerous trouble repairs.

According to the quality and thickness of synthetic resin tiles, the price is between 30-50 yuan/square meter, each square meter has four waterproof screws for 4 yuan, and the total price is about 30-50 yuan/square meter. Another useful ridge tile, oblique ridge tile,   and eaves and other prices are less expensive than the main tile, we will be based on the price of the main tile. When each person can lay at least 100 square meters per day, the labor cost is 200 yuan per day, to 300 square meters of area, a worker can only install in 3 days to complete.

Synthetic resin tile installation can be arbitrarily cut according to the size of the need, a tile board can cover a few square meters, and laying installation is very simple and quick, saving time and effort. Resin tile is fixed by tapping screws, safe and firm. Guaranteed 25 years, maintenance-free.

In addition, synthetic resin tile or the development of green ecological environmental protection enterprise products, with different thermal insulation, wind and shock resistance, fire insulation, sound insulation, and other advantages, is villa, residential and other permanent engineering building design roof ideal as decorative building materials.

How Much Is The Synthetic Resin Plastic Tile Per Square Meter?

Many rural self-built houses use synthetic resin tiles as roofing materials because resin tiles have the advantages of corrosion resistance, waterproofing, beauty, and so on. When buying synthetic resin tiles, many customers don’t know much about the price of resin tiles. The price of synthetic resin tiles is affected by many factors. The following is a brief introduction to XINGFA resin tiles:

Q1 : How much is the price of one square meter of synthetic resin tiles?

A1 : Pricing is based on the quality and thickness of resin tiles from different manufacturers. For example, resin tiles with a thickness of 2.5mm and poor quality are about 25¥ per square meter, and those with good quality are about 35¥ per square meter.

Q2 : How much is the price of 100 square meters of synthetic resin tiles?

A2 : The cost of laying 100 square meters of resin tile has many factors affecting the price, as follows : 

Different specifications and prices are also different. The thickness and width of resin tiles are different, and the price is also different. Generally, the price is about 30-50¥, so the material cost of 100 square meters needs 444-740 $. 

The price of resin tiles of different brands is also different, and the price is also different in different regions. The price of resin tiles of different quality is also different. The labor cost and the size of the area where the resin tiles are installed will affect the price.

Generally speaking, the price of labor and materials per square meter is about 17-23$, which will cost 3000-5000¥ for 100㎡.

There are many kinds of transparent tiles on the market, with different materials and different prices. If you want to know more about how much a 6-meter transparent tile costs, please see the following Q&A: 

Q1 : How much is a 6-meter transparent tiles?

A1 : The prices of transparent tiles with different materials and thicknesses are different. The market price is generally about 50¥. XINGFA resin tiles are recommended for your reference.

– 6 meters FRP transparent tiles price: 40 yuan a piece. 

Specification: width: 2.1m, length: 6m, thickness: 12mm (customizable)

– 6 meters PP transparent tile price: 35¥ a piece.

Specification: Length: 6m, width: 2.1m thickness: 12mm (high light transmittance, customizable)

Advantages of 6m transparent tiles

1. High light transmittance, strong impact resistance, UV radiation resistance, and the dimensional stability and good molding and processing performance of its products make it have obvious technical performance advantages over the inorganic glass traditionally used in the construction industry.

2. Transparent tiles can absorb ultraviolet rays, and the light transmittance is as high as 85%. They can be used in breeding sheds, and also have good heat resistance.

3. FRP transparent tiles has strong compression resistance, high hardness, and long service life.

[customer1 question] does anyone know how much a 6-meter-long synthetic resin tiles costs? I’m going to buy Resin tiles, but I don’t know the price.

[Customer service answer] For synthetic resin tiles, it depends on which brand you want to buy. The price of XINGFA resin tiles is 30 to 50¥ per square meter. With the popularity of synthetic resin tiles, now many small manufacturers produce low-quality resin tiles with some recycled materials, and the price even goes to 20¥ per square meter. This low-quality product has a very short service life. You can buy according to your needs.

[Zheng Hou WW] There are various grades of synthetic resin tiles in the current building materials market. There may be no difference in appearance, but the materials used are very different. We must be optimistic about the manufacturer’s experience, strength, quality assurance, etc. I recommend XINGFA synthetic resin tiles. The thickness of resin tiles also meets the national standard, with a service life of 30 years, and the manufacturer can guarantee 30 years. The price is a little higher, but if the materials are good, the natural price will be higher.

[Roof Insulation Tile Manufacturer] how much is a 6-meter-long resin tile? It needs to be priced according to the specification of the resin tile. For example, the price of the resin tile with a thickness of 2.5mm and a width of 880mm is about 35¥ per meter. The price of the resin tile with a thickness of 2.5mm and a width of 1050mm is about 40¥ per meter.

Q1 : how much is a six-meter-long plastic tile

A1 : the price of good quality is 50¥, and the price of general quality is 40¥. The Mediterranean-style roof tiles are soft in texture, uniform in color, non-vulgar and dazzling. It is best to be matte, with a flat surface and accurate size. Colored cement tiles have various colors, long service life, good materials, meticulous packaging, and beautiful and fashionable shape.

A2 : how much is a six-meter-long plastic tile? In fact, this problem is hard to say, because when you buy plastic tile, it depends on which quality and thickness you want to buy. After all, when buying these products, we must buy them now and deliver them at one time. Plastic tiles with more expensive prices will have better quality.

Generally speaking, the price per meter may be between 40¥ and 80¥. We also need to see which brand produces it. So the question you asked is general, not very specific. When buying, we will try to identify some big brands, so as to ensure quality.

A3 : the price of plastic tiles is not particularly expensive. The price of one meter is about 30¥ to 50¥. It depends on the quality of the plastic tile. For example, the price of high-quality plastic tiles will be a little more expensive, and the price of cheap plastic tiles is only about 20¥ per meter.

Since you want to buy plastic tiles, you must buy good quality ones. In this way, problems are not easy to occur in the process of use. In addition, when purchasing plastic tiles, you should also buy them through normal channels and know the quality of plastic tiles in advance.

Now we should all know the price of a 6-meter transparent tile. That’s all for today. Thank you for watching!





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