Which kinds of synthetic resin tiles are the best?

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  • Date: 2022/10/25

Which kinds of resin tiles are the best?

Synthetic resin tile is the professional and technical personnel to master epoxy resin forming, applied scientific research of technical processing process to carry out production and processing, easy to obtain, also can according to must be processed into various shapes, to installation and application must, is more common in the market, the processing technology carefully, quality, more by everyone love and the identity of the industry. Today I will introduce in detail the resin tile material has several which kind is the best.

1. a detailed introduction

Resin tile itself has recycling characteristics, which are widely recognized by everyone, and it is different processing process and technology, the new synthetic resin tile has more net weight and gentle, strong tensile strength, and has moisture-proof and waterproof characteristics, is indeed a good selection of the roof.

2. service life

Everyone is in the case that builds and decorates, service life should be the standard that considers, it is beautiful and generous, but do not have a longer service life, also be like embroidery pillow, do not use in. Resin tile is the raw material of the roof, you can not have these aspects of scruples, according to the research shows that the resin tile can have 30 years use period. And to participate in China’s large and medium-sized residential renovation, such as the 2008 Summer Olympics and the World Expo, it is not difficult to see its influence on the building decoration materials.

3.the selection method

Synthetic resin tile in the case of selection must also be some small methods, according to the proportion, baked with fire, see the variety of forms. If there is no existing proportion of the equipment, can specialty to experience the net weight, qualified is relatively gentle, and the imitation is relatively thick, can also be knocked according to the two panels to distinguish, there are low feel is better. Natural specialty to experience and use the ear inside to distinguish the sound, must be rich and colorful work experience, and the subjective is relatively strong, so it is very likely to be because of their temporary resolution and error.

2. Roast with fire

One edge of the ignition resin tile ignited, lit after no special smell, and after the open fire left can be immediately extinguished, some fake goods will reignite, and will spread a pungent smell. This method is relatively very easy to practical operation is also very easy to distinguish, and the characteristics of the open fire are also everyone should be very paying attention to, if after the fire, good resin tile is very easy to eliminate, proposed that we carefully identify.

3. Look at the appearance of the resin tile material.

Qualified resin tile has an exquisite wheel corridor, bright color, looks beautiful and generous, and it is important to pay attention to the gloss of resin tile is matte, non-light, the choice should be needed to pay attention to.

Recently, a lot of customers have asked you about the installation of the resin tile steel frame, the synthetic resin tile field is generally not used to provide installation services, why is this? Take a simple example: Xinjiang province has a small engineering project that must be 1000 ㎡ resin tile, raw materials are taken here in Foshan, if you want to let the Foshan installation team here to Tibet to install the words, this fare and halfway delay time can be said to be penny wise and pound foolish. Therefore, many manufacturers only provide the installation engineering drawings or indications. General installation is the local installation team. The steel frame installation of synthetic resin tile is not as complicated as imagined, the general installation of color steel tile steel frame installation team can carry out the installation of synthetic resin tile, and the basic principle is similar. Originally resin tile is this commodity in the sales market large-scale use just began, so to find resin tile technical professional installation team is difficult, corrosion prevention coating installation team is also to color steel roof installation team transformation and development. Therefore, in the absence of how to install the situation, can find the installation of color steel roof people try oh. If the total area of the flat roof is not very large, the installation of this aspect can also try. According to the installation provided by the manufacturer, those who do not understand can also immediately call the seller to understand in the past, the seller will generally provide service support. Below to provide you with resin tile installation shows, looking forward to helping you. Correct before the installation must pay attention to the spacing of wood steel purlin or steel frame structure oh, the national industry standard is 40cm-60cm, and everyone’s proposal can not exceed 80cm, according to the thin thickness of the tile, the thicker the tile can be the moderate spacing wide point. To better ensure safety, 2.0 thick we proposed that the spacing should not be less than 40cm, 2.5 thick spacing should not be less than 60cm, and 3.0 thick spacing should not be less than 80cm. About the relative density of screws, if the local geographical environment is not very good conditions (such as strong wind, heavy rain, and other temperature), we propose a square meter to play 6 screws, in general conditions to play 4 can be. If the tile has a steel lap, generally we should play the structural reinforcement screws of the steel lap oh.

What are the differences and characteristics of pvc anti-corrosion tiles?Does pvc anti-corrosion tile need maintenance?

Pvc tile also called plastic steel tile, is an alternative product of color steel tile. Adopt multi-layer co-extrusion composite technology, add an anti-aging layer on the surface, wear layer on the bottom, and improve the weather resistance of the product.

Synthetic resin tile is developed with high-quality PVC resin and imported super weather resistance engineering resin ASA, with durability, corrosion resistance, color, anti-aging, and the middle of the skeleton layer, good toughness, and high rigidity.

The characteristics of PVC anti-corrosion tile

1. The price is more affordable.

2. It is inflammable material, B1 grade fire safety performance.

3. Good chemical corrosion resistance, more than 3 times longer than color steel tile life.

4. Impact resistance and tensile resistance.

6. Low noise, noise can be reduced by more than 30dB than metal and roof board.

7.easy to install, save time and effort.

8. Bright and colorful colors.

9. No asbestos composition, no carcinogenic substance release.

Disadvantages: compared with traditional synthetic and resin tile, PVC tile has slightly worse dustability to light and heat and is easy to fade when used outdoors, but in order not to affect its performance.

Synthetic resin tile characteristics

Synthetic resin brick has all the characteristics of PVC anti-corrosion brick, better than PVC anti-corrosion brick in anti-corrosion performance, color more durable, longer service life, and the price is higher.

Application of PVC anticorrosive tile and synthetic resin tile

1.PVC anti-corrosion tile.

Suitable for the production of factory roofs and walls, large span, can save steel, reduce management costs.

2.synthetic resin tile.

Widely used in self-built houses, villas, antique buildings and other permanent building, and roof decoration, is very suitable for acid rain areas and coastal areas.

PVC anticorrosive tile can be seen everywhere in our life, in the warehouse, shed, and factory roof can be seen, in fact, PVC anticorrosive tile also has different shapes, so, what are the types of PVC anticorrosive tile? What is the difference in usage between them?

The small circle wave tile type is more traditional, we can combine it with the overall situation of the roof, and flexible adjustment of the lap width. Yuecheng resin tile is made of scientific formulas and advanced technology. It has the advantages of anti-corrosion, weather resistance, and bright color.

Large round wave tile, increase the wave height to 36mm so that the waterproof effect will be better, the design is to use the shape of glazed tile, beautiful appearance.

Trapezoidal wave is similar to the waveform of color steel tile, but the wave height increases, and the width of color steel tile, is the upgrade of color steel tile.

PVC anticorrosive tile with PVC as the main raw material, after scientific formula, and then the use of advanced technology, enhance the strength of PVC anticorrosive tile, and improve the hardness, to solve the rustproof waterproof problem, so you can replace the color steel tile.

PVC semi-permeable tile is the lighting tile we often say, paving on the roof of the factory building, so that the indoor light is bright and soft, avoid direct light, Yue Cheng PVC semi-permeable tile can resist ultraviolet, acid, alkali and other corrosion, light transmittance up to 70%, can be matched with PVC anti-corrosion tile.

U-shaped PVC anti-corrosion tank, we can not only be used to do roof drainage but also in the production line to do a water pressure test, planting vegetables, high stability, good strength, simple installation.

Customers who have used color steel tiles know that color steel tiles are easy to rust, have poor corrosion resistance, and often need to be maintained and maintained. In the last two years, have been changed to use PVC anti-corrosion tile to replace the color steel tile, but few people will go to using color steel tile. So, does PVC anticorrosive tile need maintenance?

Because the color of steel tile is iron, even if the surface is sprayed with paint, the paint will be easy to rust off, we often have to refurbish, so the maintenance cost will be relatively high. PVC anti-corrosion tile is resin material, good anti-corrosion, never rust. Some people will say that PVC anti-corrosion tile is plastic, not durable. there is a great difference between resin and plastic, plastic has a small amount of resin, so it is easy to age, but the resin composition of PVC anticorrosive tile is up to 80%.

Experiments show that: PVC anticorrosive tile in a variety of acid immersion 24 hours without any reaction; Resin tile does not absorb water, not easy to absorb dust. If it is high-quality PVC anti-corrosion tile, 30 years do not need to carry out late maintenance!

PVC anticorrosive tile is light in weight and has fire insulation, heat insulation, wind resistance, shock resistance, simple installation, environmental protection, etc. It is suitable for carports, channels, factory buildings, etc. It is a substitute for color steel tile, and it is more and more widely used.

In the past, many factories, market channels, and other roofs are mostly made of colored steel tiles, and colored steel tiles are poor in anticorrosion, easy to rust, and then water leakage, and often need to go to maintenance. But now a kind of building materials market appeared to call PVC plastic tile, this kind won’t resemble color steel tile rust, then leak.

PVC plastic tile belongs to the new environmental protection building materials, is the replacement of color steel tile products, corrosion resistance is good, the experiment proved: PVC plastic tile can soak in all kinds of acid and no chemical reaction, effective acid and alkali corrosion.

PVC plastic tile span is large, width up to 40 meters long, suitable for large factories, markets, villas, etc., obviously save material cost and effectively protect steel structure rust erosion, especially suitable for acid rain in areas, coastal areas, etc.

PVC plastic tile in addition to effective anti-corrosion also has the advantages of heat preservation, fire prevention, waterproofing, insulation, etc., and is the replacement of color steel tile products.

How Long Can The Synthetic Resin Tile Be Used? How To Choose Synthetic Resin Tiles?

To further promote the construction of the province’s “warm house” project, strengthen project construction management, and improve the quality of project construction, yesterday, the Jilin Provincial Department of housing and urban-rural development issued the “2012 implementation opinions on the” warm house “project, which pointed out that the” warm house “project should use materials above grade B1 for external wall insulation. In addition, in the process of implementation and transformation, we should do a good job of repairing historical blocks and historical buildings as old as before.

The opinion also clearly requires that the selection of materials for warming the house should be closed, and the materials above grade B1 (including grade B1) should be preferred for the external wall insulation materials of the “warming the house” project and materials below grade B2 (excluding grade B2) should not be used. The “warm house” project, combined with the reconstruction project, should do a good job in the protection and restoration of historical blocks and historical buildings. In the process of repair, we should make sure that the old is the same as the old.

Super typhoon Rammasun is the ninth named storm in the 2014 Pacific typhoon season. “Rammasun” is provided by Thailand, which means Thor. At 15:30 on July 18, 2014, Rammasun landed in the coastal area of Wengtian Town, Wenchang City, Hainan Province, and then landed in Longtang Town, Xuwen County, Guangdong Province at 19:30. At about 7:10 on the 20th, it landed along the coast of Fangchenggang, Guangxi. “Rammasun” landed in Wenchang and reached the strongest typhoon level in Xuwen. It is the strongest typhoon that has landed in South China since 1973.

In Hainan, as of 7 a.m. on the 19th, the death toll from the typhoon in Wenchang rose to 5. About 5000 rural houses in Wengtian Town, the landing site of the typhoon, suffered from varying degrees of collapse.

Guangxi, as of the 19th, typhoon Rammasun caused 2 deaths, 3 serious injuries, 4 minor injuries, and 1 death in Fangchenggang City in Beihai, Guangxi.

In Guangdong, the super typhoon “Rammasun” hit Xuwen in the evening of the 18th, and the maximum wind force reached 17 when it landed, causing more than 300000 affected people in Xuwen County, collapsing and damaging more than 19000 houses, causing direct economic losses of more than 8.7 billion yuan.

Our Xingfa Tile Industry Co., Ltd. immediately contacted the local dealer after learning that typhoon “Rammasun” had landed in Hainan Province and caused such a great impact. To our satisfaction, the dealer said, “although the typhoon is strong, the previous projects are still in good condition and have great confidence in our products.” The words of the dealer are our full affirmation and recognition. In the future, our Xingfa Tile Industry Co., Ltd.. will continue to serve every customer with better products, excellent service, and dedication.

From clay tiles to synthetic resin tiles and other new types of roof tiles, many people are most concerned about the life of roof tiles. How many years can synthetic resin tiles be used for roofs? The old clay tiles are easy to break, the tiles are small and thin, and they are prone to problems, such as water leakage. The synthetic resin tiles are fixed with self-tapping screws, so it is not easy to fall off and does not need to be repaired and maintained when used, and the main material of the synthetic resin tile is a super weather-resistant resin that will not chemically react with acids, alkalis, salts, etc., so In other words, if the synthetic resin tile is in acid, alkali, and salt environment, the performance of the resin tile is also very good. High-quality synthetic resin tiles are not easy to fade, and have good heat insulation, with a service life of up to 30 years.

How many years can the synthetic resin tile for the roof last? How many years the resin tile can be used The main key material is the surface ASA resin. ASA high weather resistance engineering resin can directly affect the service life of the synthetic resin tile. ASA high weather resistance engineering resin has good gloss, stable color, long weather resistance, no bleaching, etc. But inferior synthetic resin tiles are easy to fade, swell, etc., and are very brittle. Finally, the thickness of the synthetic resin tile and the co-extrusion technology production technology will also affect the quality of the resin tile. It is recommended to use Xingfa resin tile, with 15 years of experience in resin tile manufacturers, national logistics delivery, free samples, good quality, and affordable prices.

[Customer question] Which is better, composite tile or resin tile?

[Netizen answer] As long as it is used properly, whether it is a composite tile or a resin tile, both can achieve satisfactory results.

[Netizen answer] Under the same environmental conditions, synthetic resin tiles are more durable than composite tiles. The surface of the synthetic resin tile is covered with ASA fabric, which is more resistant to wind, rain, and aging than the composite tile, and has a better heat insulation effect than the composite tile.

[Netizen answer] Which is better, composite tile or resin tile? The characteristics and advantages of the two of them are the same, but the appearance of the resin tile will be more suitable for life, and the resin tile will be more durable, of course, the price of the resin tile will be higher.

[Netizen answer]

1. Different raw materials

The composite tile is made of PVC resin (PVC) as the main raw material, supplemented with chemical raw materials such as ultraviolet anti-ultraviolet agents, through scientific proportioning and advanced technology.

2. Different characteristics

Xingfa synthetic resin tile has the advantages of durable color, lightweight, self-waterproofing, good toughness, heat preservation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, wind and shock resistance, hail prevention, pollution prevention, environmental protection, fire prevention, heat preservation, and convenient installation. Moreover, it has a beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional effect, and rich Chinese elements. It has been widely used in the roof decoration of various permanent buildings, especially in the Chinese “modified flat to slope” project has been a promo





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