Is PVC Roof Sheet The Best Choice for Chemical Plant? Can PVC Roof Sheets Resist The Acid Erosion?

  • By: xingfarooftile
  • Date: 2022/10/18

Can PVC Roof Sheets Resist The Acid Erosion?

The formation of acid rain caused by urban air pollution and industrial waste gas emissions can be divided into “wet deposition” and “dry deposition”. The former refer to all atmospheric pollutants or particulate pollutants accompanied by rain, snow, fog or hail. The latter refers to the acidity of the dust that falls from the air on rainy days.

Whether “wet deposits” or “dry deposits”, acidic substances have a corrosive effect on all objects, especially metals. However, considering these acidic substances, such as PVC tiles are “protective umbrellas” to protect human health and property safety, and isn’t the safety factor high? Roofing materials play a decisive role, such as colored steel tiles, which are not suitable, especially in areas with heavy acid rain.

It has been confirmed by authoritative experiments that PVC roofing panel will not undergo chemical reaction when soaked in salt, alkali and various acids below 60% for 24 hours, and it can effectively prevent the acid. The span of the PVC roof panel is large, up to 40-50 meters, which is suitable for metal structure industrial workshops.

It can save the steel structure cost and effectively protect the steel structure from acid corrosion. Besides being effective against acid, PVC roofing panels also have the advantages of heat insulation, waterproofing, sound insulation, insulation, impact resistance, load-bearing, etc., and can be widely used in factories, markets, sheds, warehouses and other fields.

PVC Roof Sheet Can Solve The Corrosion Problem of Acid Rain!

As global warming, the acid rain area increases year by year.

Buildings and tile roofs are corroded by acid rain and metal panels are even worse. The oxygen and water contained in the atmosphere will accumulate more and more, corrode the color steel tile in the activity room, especially sulfur dioxide, chlorine ions and acid rain in the air, will soon corrode the metal more serious, causing serious cracks and even leakage of houses, it will rain outside and light rain inside.

So how can we prevent and solve this problem?

In essence, we should choose some corrosion – resistant polymer compounds to make the roof tiles.

PVC plastic steel tile is a new environmental protection tile made with PVC resin as the main raw material, other chemical raw materials and advanced technology. PVC plastic roof tile, also known as plastic tile, is its good corrosion resistance, which becomes the absolute advantage of PVC plastic steel tile to replace iron tile in some areas. Most importantly, our research and development department of Xingfa industry tile is specialized in anti – corrosion experiments. You can rest assured to use it.





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