What is the lifespan of PVC roof tiles? What are the advantages and disadvantages of PVC roof tiles?

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  • Date: 2022/11/24

How much is fireproof synthetic resin roof tile? How to choose synthetic resin roof tiles?

What is the reason for water leakage when installing synthetic resin roof tiles in old houses?

If the synthetic resin roof tile is not waterproof, it will easily cause water leakage. Just move the leaking part to a depth of 2-3cm and clean it. It can also be repaired with asphalt, and the finished asphalt coating is very convenient now. Finally, when the weather is sunny, the roof will not leak.

There are two cases of water leakage in the house: one is the improper installation of synthetic resin tiles on the roof, and the other is water leakage in the waterproof layer. If it is found that the roof leaks from the top to the bottom of the roof, first of all, check whether there are cracks in the roof, whether the original waterproof layer is aging, and whether there are bubbles in the original SBS waterproof membrane of the roof. If there are air bubbles, it will prove that water has entered the bottom of the waterproof layer, so it will leak. If there is a waterproof layer, it will be more troublesome. The waterproofing in the surrounding area must be removed and re-waterproofed, taking care to strengthen the seams with the original waterproofing. There are many ways to prevent leaks or find some professional leak-proof companies to solve this problem.

In winter the roof sometimes drips due to the heat and cold outside. Because the indoor temperature is high in winter and the outdoor temperature is low, synthetic resin roof tiles sometimes drip on the roof. When hot and cold air meets on a synthetic resin tile roof, water droplets are produced, a very common phenomenon of physical “condensation”. But synthetic resin roof tiles do not absorb water, so the water droplets condense more and thus drip.

The best way to solve indoor dripping water is to make a layer of heat insulation for the house so that you will not be afraid of indoor dripping water in winter. It is also possible to lay a waterproof layer under the synthetic resin roof tile or to enhance indoor ventilation.


Now in the renovation of many rural houses, residential areas, and school buildings, you will see fireproof synthetic resin roof tiles. Compared with the previous bricks and tiles, fireproof synthetic resin roof tiles are more convenient to install, have a longer service life, have more colors, and have won the favor of many people.

So how much is a square meter of fireproof synthetic resin roof tiles? This involves many factors. For example, the price of fireproof synthetic resin roof tiles from different company manufacturers is different; the price of fireproof synthetic resin roof tiles with different thicknesses and width is also different, such as fireproof synthetic resin with a thickness of 2.5mm. Roof tile, with an 880mm width, the price is about 32 yuan per square meter, and the price of 1050mm width is about 40 yuan per square meter, if the thickness is 3.0mm, the price of fireproof synthetic resin roof tile with a width of 880mm is about 35 yuan per square meter, The price of a fireproof synthetic resin roof tile with a width of 1050mm is about 43 yuan per square meter.

If you want to buy synthetic resin roof tiles, it is recommended to come to a big manufacturer like Xingfa tile industry to buy them. The quality is guaranteed and the price is affordable, so you can rest assured to buy.


The synthetic resin roof tiles sold in the market are divided into the natural type and synthetic type. Regardless of the type, resin roof tiles last much better than regular tiles. It has the characteristics of stronger quality, higher strength, better moisture-proof and waterproof effects, and stronger flame-retardant and fire-resistant capabilities. Therefore, it has a very prominent use effect and can provide customers with better roof protection. If the quality can be improved better, the effect will be better, so we need to make better choices to meet the requirements.

Components can choose natural resin tiles or synthetic resin tiles according to their needs. After all, the prices are different. While there is little difference in performance benefits, they also have different lifespans due to differences in the manufacturing process. Through experienced channels to choose more high-quality products, not only the price is more reasonable, but also the quality is better, which can fully reflect the advantages in terms of efficiency and performance.

Choosing high-quality products is of great help to our construction. Only when we do better in quality can we be fully recognized by customers. So we need to know more about it so that we can make better use of it and meet the needs of construction.

To sum up, special attention should be paid to the selection of new building materials resin tiles. Only when the quality is good can there be better performance and more prominent features in effect. If it can be better in quality, it will have a better effect and will be favored by more people, so it is necessary to choose a better one.

Asbestos tile is a common building material, which is fireproof and moisture-proof and is light in texture, but in the season of resurgence and rain, asbestos tile will become heavier, which will increase the weight of the beam. But this building material is cheap, and it is very popular among ordinary citizens in the countryside.

Asbestos tiles have already been eliminated. Because there are tiny fibers in asbestos tiles, these tiny fibers are easily inhaled into the lungs by us, and cannot be discharged, which can easily cause lung diseases. And because the asbestos tile is too light, it is easy to be blown into the air by strong winds and fall to an open space of several hundred meters, which is easy to cause accidents.

Therefore, asbestos tiles have been eliminated from the market because their fibers are harmful and because asbestos tiles are too light and easy to be blown away.

The synthetic resin roof tile is made of PVC resin material and co-extruded through a special process. The service life can reach 30 years, and the product has the advantages of weather resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, high gloss, self-cleaning, etc., supporting a series of accessories, and the product is environmentally friendly. Healthy, no harmful substances to human body products, in line with Taiwan’s environmental protection standards. We recommend Xingfa brand synthetic resin roof tiles to you. Xingfa brand synthetic resin roof tiles are easy to install and overlap, have low overall cost, and are widely used. Although we do not provide door-to-door installation services, we will provide you with professional dosage calculations and installation throughout the process. Guidance work.

Finally, back to the question, of which is more durable, asbestos tiles or synthetic resin roof tiles, the answer must be resin tiles.


[Question 1] How much is a synthetic resin transparent roof tile per meter?

[Answer 1] For specific prices, please consult Foshan Xingfa Tile Industry Co., Ltd. They sell directly from the factory, and the service life of the transparent roof tiles sold can be nearly 30 years, and the price is relatively affordable.

[Answer 2] Synthetic resin transparent roof tiles, 820, 840, and 980 types of transparent tiles are used in workshops, and the price is determined according to the thickness of the transparent tile, the model of the transparent tile, the material of the transparent tile, and the area of purchase. The price is about fifty yuan per square meter.

[Answer 3] The models of FRP transparent roof tiles are 750, 840, 820, 980, 950, 900, 475, and 760, generally, 50 yuan per square meter, and the price will vary with different specifications.


I believe that everyone who has a good grasp of the home building materials market knows that synthetic resin roof tiles have been promoted in the building materials market for more than ten years, and the development trend is very strong. New products of synthetic resin roof tiles are also constantly being developed. Among them, the quality of synthetic resin roof tiles is very good, and one of them is white synthetic resin roof tiles, which have more prominent anti-corrosion advantages, longer service life, and better resistance to cracking and fading. Combining the traditional synthetic resin roof tile processing technology to improve the production process, the advantage is that it looks firmer and air-stable, and the human eye can see its superior quality.

At present, the white synthetic resin roof tiles in the field of synthetic resin roof tiles are tightly sealed and impervious to water, so there is no problem of water seepage. The white synthetic resin roof tiles have the automatic cleaning function of lotus leaves, and the color lasts longer than ordinary ones. More colorful. The area of ​​a synthetic resin roof tile is large, there are very few joints on the roof, and the joints of the steel bars are tightly integrated, so it has excellent moisture resistance. The advantages of the basic synthetic resin roof tile are all white resin tiles, and Compared with basic synthetic resin roof tiles, white synthetic resin roof tiles are more beautiful and not easy to crack, and the anti-fading advanced processing technology is more perfect.

One of the biggest features of the white ASA synthetic resin roof tiles on the market today is environmental protection, resource conservation, and recyclability. Compared with ordinary synthetic resin roof tiles, the color is richer and more colorful, and durable, and the shape design is beautiful and layered. Strong sense and in line with the characteristics of national architectural culture. It is widely used in factories, houses, economic and trade buildings, and all exterior walls of waterproofing buildings.

Synthetic resin roof tiles can be arbitrarily long or short according to customer requirements. Synthetic resin roof tiles are suitable for most buildings and have a long service life. White synthetic resin roof tiles have an essential effect on improving the overall aesthetics and functions. They are traditional roof tiles Incomparable.

What is the lifespan of PVC roof tiles? What are the advantages and disadvantages of PVC roof tiles?

The standard size of synthetic resin roof tiles is an overall width of 1050mm and an effective width of 960mm.

Synthetic resin roof tiles are generally used as raw materials in the building materials market, and there are few natural resin tiles, because the cost of natural resin is high, and the characteristics of natural resin are not as good as synthetic resin.

The color of synthetic resin roof tiles can be kept for a long time, and it is waterproof, thermal insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, hail resistance, environmental protection, fire prevention, and easy installation. Because the synthetic resin roof tile is beautiful in shape and full of Chinese elements, it has been widely used at home and abroad.

Synthetic resin roof tiles are mainly used in “flat to slope” projects in my country, as well as high-end villas, antique buildings, factories, villas, canopies, and sunshades.


Synthetic Resin tiles are still relatively common in our lives, whether in factories, antique buildings, warehouses, communities, markets, etc., resin tiles can be seen. Last night, consumers, we will be more concerned about the service life of resin tiles. The service life of this brand of resin tiles is long, so we can save a lot of worry. So how many years is the life of synthetic resin tiles in general? Xingfa Tile Industry will introduce it to you.

1. What is the life expectancy of resin tiles?

A. The lifespan of authentic high-quality resin tiles is 50 years. However, if the local environment is relatively serious in acid and alkali, the service life of the resin tile will be shortened, but the Xingfa resin tile manufacturer can sign a warranty certificate, which can be guaranteed for 30 years. Xingfa resin tile is developed with ASA resin and other materials. ASA resin has corrosion resistance, long weather resistance, and is not easy to fade, so the service life will be longer.

B. Synthetic resin tile is a new type of building material and is widely used in factories, residential quarters, shopping malls, and other places. Xingfa resin tile is developed and produced by high weather-resistant ASA material, which not only has good weather resistance, but also has stable physical properties, is not easy to fade, and has the advantages of impact resistance, low-temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

The life of the resin tile introduced by the editor of Xingfa resin tile is generally how many years to come here, I hope you can have an understanding of the life of the resin tile.


Synthetic resin roof tiles have many advantages, and synthetic resin roof tiles can be seen everywhere in life, but synthetic resin roof tiles have both advantages and disadvantages. As a manufacturer of synthetic resin roof tiles, we should explain the situation, advantages, and disadvantages of the products to customers and consumers, and here we will introduce the disadvantages of synthetic resin roof tiles.

1. Thermal expansion and cold contraction. Synthetic resin roof tiles will change due to the high and low-temperature contrast, that is, thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, when installing synthetic resin roof tiles, we will strictly require the spacing of the purlins, generally around 75cm, to prevent synthetic resin roof tiles from sagging or drumming due to thermal expansion and contraction, which will affect the life of synthetic resin roof tiles.

2. Not resistant to high temperature. Synthetic resin roof tiles will undergo physical changes at a high temperature of 180 degrees and will deform due to high temperatures at a temperature of 70-80 degrees. This is its inherent defect, so synthetic resin roof tiles are not suitable for smelting and casting Building roof tiles in high-temperature fields.

What are the advantages of synthetic resin roof tiles?

1. It has good heat insulation performance and has more advantages than other roof tiles in terms of heat insulation performance.

2. Fast installation, the installation of synthetic resin roof tiles is simple, and the area of ​​a single resin tile is large, so the installation efficiency is relatively high.

3. Long service life and durability. Three-layer resin tiles are used, and the surface layer is high weather-resistant engineering resin to ensure the surface color of the product and the life of the product. The middle layer is high-quality PVC and processing aids, and the bottom layer is a wear-resistant layer. This three-layer co-extrusion process ensures the long life and durability of the product.

Therefore, synthetic resin roof tiles can be accepted by the market because of their advantages.





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