What is the specification of synthetic resin roof tiles?

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  • Date: 2022/11/29

[Question] Is the resin tile good? How much is the price of resin tile per square meter

[Answer] This depends on whether you use resin tiles and which roof tiles are better! The roof tiles we usually use include colored steel tiles, colored stone metal tiles, resin tiles, glazed tiles, asphalt tiles, etc.

In terms of price, color steel tiles are cheaper, and in terms of appearance, both glazed tiles and resin tiles are very good-looking. The time required to install resin tiles and color steel tiles are shorter, and the sound insulation resin tiles are much better than color steel tiles! Each manufacturer has different opinions on quality, parameters, etc., so you need to distinguish carefully. The official website of Xingfa Resin Tile can release resin tiles from time to time for a long time, as well as the inside story of the building materials industry, just for everyone to learn and prevent stepping on the pit.

The price of the resin tile per square meter depends on the thickness and material of the resin tile. The better the quality of the resin tile, the more expensive the price and the longer the service life.


Resin tiles have the advantages of easy installation, long-lasting color, lightweight, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, wind and shock resistance, hail resistance, insulation, green environmental protection, etc., and are beautiful in shape. They are widely used in permanent building roofs. Some customers are not very clear about resin tiles. The tile specification is how long and wide, let’s introduce the conventional width and length of the resin tile.

The resin tile specification is determined by the fixed size of the mold, which unifies the style and width. There are two conventional widths of resin tiles: one is 880mm, and the other is 1050mm. When the resin tile is installed, a wave needs to be built, which means that a wave of two resin tiles is put together, except for the overlapping part. , the effective width of the resin tile is, for example, the effective width of 880mm lap joint is 800mm, the effective width of 1050mm lap joint is 960mm, and the lap joint width is larger, which can save more materials. Now the tiles made by large factories generally The chips are all 1050 type, which saves material compared with 880 types. The length and the length of the resin tile can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

Remind everyone: When installing resin tiles, they must be installed according to the requirements. The spacing between the tile purlins of 880 specifications is controlled within 660mm, and the spacing of 1050mm tile purlins is controlled within 750mm. If the spacing is too large, once the temperature is high, it may cause roof damage. problems such as collapse.


[Customer question] How much is the resin tile per square meter?

[Answer] Xingfa resin tile manufacturers supply high-quality synthetic resin tiles. The market price is generally around 40-50 yuan. This type of resin tile is made of high-quality PVC granules and does not contain any inferior PVC recycled materials. The service life is generally 30 to 30 years. Between 50 years. High-quality resin tile suppliers have strict warranty periods, so when you buy, don’t believe the low-cost marketing tactics of some small manufacturers. When purchasing a large area, it is recommended to visit the factory! Hope that helps you!

[Answer] Different specifications, different prices. Changes in thickness and width will affect the price of resin tiles. The price of resin tile is about 30-50 yuan per square meter, so the cost of resin tile for 100 square meters needs to be between 3000-5000 yuan.





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