Which is better, synthetic resin tile or color steel tile? Which is more popular?

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  • Date: 2022/09/06

With the rapid development of high-tech, roof materials are becoming more and more diverse. It is no longer the same concrete steel frame structure or ceramic tile, which is a time-consuming and expensive material. At present, the roof materials favored by consumers in the market include colored steel tiles and resin tiles. Which one is better? Let’s continue to look.

When consumers buy roof materials, they want the one with the least cost of assets, the largest total building area, the shortest construction time, and the longest use time. Both color steel tile and resin tile have the characteristics of light weight, simple installation, and cost saving.

Resin tile also has the advantages of perseverance, low-carbon environmental protection, colorful colors, durable colors, beautiful and generous shape design, a strong sense of hierarchy, waterproof, perseverance, thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and seismic resistance, fire safety, insulation layer, etc. it is an ideal material for flat roof decoration design and waterproof of various permanent engineering buildings.

Resin tile is cheaper than color steel tile and is more acid and alkali-resistant. Rust steel tile is likely to be corroded and cause water seepage after long service life. It must be frequently maintained and renovated in the middle and later stages, which costs a lot of maintenance and has a short application cycle. Moreover, when colored steel tiles are applied to the hot summer temperature, the indoor air will be relatively hot, while resin tiles have the characteristics of heat insulation, warm in winter and cool in summer.


[question 1] which is better, synthetic resin tile or color steel tile?

[Answer from Xingfa tile industry]

1. Colored steel tiles are not insulated in summer. Because colored steel tiles have no insulation layer, in summer, the indoor temperature increases with the increase of the climate, and in winter, the indoor temperature decreases with the decrease of the climate.

2. The color steel tile has condensation. In winter, the indoor air temperature will be higher than the outdoor air temperature, and small water droplets will appear on the surface of colored steel tiles, which is called condensation. Small water drops can easily cause rust of color steel tiles and reduce their service life. When encountering such weather, users are advised to close doors and windows, take sealing measures, and reduce condensation.

Synthetic resin tile is a processing and production process combining high-tech co-extrusion technology, and the performance of synthetic resin tile products is more stable. Synthetic resin tile is environmentally friendly and green, and the material can be recycled. The quality of Xingfa resin tile has passed the product inspection of various institutions. It can be assured that it is qualified and can provide various certificates. The product has good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Synthetic resin tile is waterproof and beautiful, light in weight, low in roof load, good in strength, many in color, and beautiful. Synthetic resin tiles can be customized, and Xingfa resin tile manufacturers can produce customized complex shapes. The structural construction can meet the design requirements.

In summary, although synthetic resin tile and color steel tile have their advantages, we recommend synthetic resin for long-term use. When you choose, you can make a reasonable choice according to the actual situation.


As the two most common tiles in daily life, people often ask why the price of resin tiles is higher than that of color steel tiles. In recent years, the advantages of synthetic resin tile such as corrosion resistance and durability have been increasingly recognized by people, and there is a trend to gradually replace color steel tile.

Color steel tile is a kind of double-sided spraying steel plate, which is processed into various corrugations so that the steel plate has good mechanical properties and plays the role of roof tile. The color of color steel tile can only last for 5-10 years, and the service life is 10-15 years. Single-layer color steel tile is used in places with low requirements for heat insulation and sound insulation. If used in life and office, color steel sandwich panels are generally used to enhance the heat insulation and sound insulation effect. In addition, color steel plates can have different thicknesses and different surface coating treatments, which directly affect the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and durability of color steel plates, and the prices are also very different.

Which is more expensive than resin tile or color steel tile?

In general, the price of synthetic resin tile is more expensive than that of color steel tile. Although the resin tile has no advantage in price, it is better in the application. It is superior to color steel tiles in terms of beauty, green environmental protection, rust-free, temperature resistance, and durability!

Which is better, synthetic resin tile or color steel tile, at the same price?

It is easy to install synthetic resin tiles, which can be installed at one time. Three or five years later, the color steel tile will be corroded, rusted, leaked, and likely to age and crack. The service life of synthetic resin tiles can generally reach 30 years, and they are widely used for the decoration of roofs of old houses, new villas, factories, farms, antique buildings, farmer’s bookstores, garden scenic areas, and other buildings.

So to sum up, the weight of the resin tile is slightly heavier than that of the color steel tile, but the color steel tile is not anticorrosive. Although the price of resin tile is higher than that of color steel tile, the service life of resin tile is twice that of color steel tile, and the heat insulation and sound insulation performance of resin tile will be better. Therefore, the performance of synthetic resin tile is superior to other aspects. Therefore, we recommend Xingfa’s synthetic resin tile, which has good performance and guaranteed use.

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