What are the advantages of using PVC tiles? What is the budget?

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  • Date: 2022/09/01

PVC tiles and synthetic resin tiles are commonly used when building roofs. Which one is more durable?
1. Under the same environment, the synthetic resin tiles will be more durable. The ASA surface layer of synthetic resin tile is made of weather-resistant, heat-resistant, and corrosion-resistant material, which is suitable for any environment, so it is relatively strong and durable. Synthetic resin tile has good weather resistance, anti-aging, and a good heat insulation effect.
2. When the roof is decorated, we Xingfa tile industry suggest that you choose synthetic resin tiles. For example, for the roof of the villa, the use of synthetic resin tiles can make the appearance of the house more luxurious and generous, slightly with Chinese traditional characteristics, and long service life.

Now many people will build a canopy on the balcony when building a house. Building a canopy can protect us from the wind and rain, and also prevent objects from falling upstairs. So now the question comes: is it better to use PVC tiles or color steel tiles for the household canopy? PVC tiles and color steel tiles are two kinds of tiles commonly used in our life to build a canopy, and they are rich in color and light in quality. People who are not familiar with these two kinds of tiles will think that they are not different, just for shelter from the wind and rain. In fact, the materials are different. PVC tiles are plastic products, and color steel tiles are iron products. The materials are different, and the performance is also different.
PVC tile is a new environmental protection building material with good corrosion resistance, difficult to produce a chemical reaction with various chemical substances such as salt and alkali, and long service life; However, the corrosion resistance of color steel tiles is much worse. It is easy to rust and crack in the daily environment.

Synthetic resin tile is a new building material. Because of its excellent performance, it is sought after by many people. However, because it has just been listed, it is loved by everyone. Many unscrupulous merchants will use inferior products as good ones, start with the base price, and cheat laymen who do not understand. The prices of synthetic resin tiles in the market are uneven. Today, we Xingfa tile industry Co., Ltd. will tell you the cost of 150 square meters of synthetic resin tile.
1. The surface of good resin tile is weather-resistant engineering resin, and the thickness reaches 0.15mm specified in the national standard. Therefore, the material quality, performance, and service life of the tile are very superior. Of course, the raw materials are good, and the price will naturally be much higher. The price always revolves around the value.
2. There are also cheap resin tiles in the market. The use of raw materials is completely different from that of high-quality resin tiles. Some ASA surface thickness is less than 0.15mm, and some even use recycled ASA grinding materials to replace ASA. This tile is easy to fade, easy to break, anti-aging, short service life, and has the appearance of a virtual resin tile without substantial functions. Therefore, it is suggested that when buying, you should not be greedy for temporary benefits, so as not to bring more troubles and losses to yourself.
3. In addition, the price of resin tile is also affected by the regional consumption level. For example, the labor, plant, raw material transportation costs, and consumption levels in Guangdong are higher than those in Sichuan and other places.
4. The thickness and specification of resin tile are different, and the price is also different (the color can be customized): the thickness is 3.0mm, the width is 880mm, the market price in Sichuan is 32 yuan / m, the market price in Guangdong is 35 yuan / m, the same thickness and width is 1050mm, the market price in Sichuan is 35 yuan / m, and the market price in Guangdong is 35 yuan / m, about 40 yuan. The thickness is 2.0mm, the width is 880mm, the market price in Sichuan is 18 yuan / m, and the market price in Guangdong is about 22 yuan / M (the wholesale price of the manufacturer will be lower than the market price, that is, the quotation of ASA new material double-layer resin tile).
Special supply: the quality requirements for engineering construction, low-rent housing, temporary housing, bus shelters, etc. are not high. Star FA ASA double-layer resin tiles can be used, with a thickness of 2.0mm and a price of 15 yuan / M; The villa self-built houses have high-quality requirements. It is recommended to use three-layer white synthetic resin tiles with crack resistance and color fastness, with a thickness of 3.0mm and a price of 35 / m.
According to the latest market quotation, the cost of 150 square meters of synthetic resin is about 5000-6000 yuan.
When purchasing, you should remember to look at the materials and consider the costs in different regions. Don’t be fooled easily. Keep your head clear. The above is the price of 150 square meters of synthetic resin tile. If you have other questions, please consult our Xingfa tile industry.





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