What Are The Installation Points And Advantages Of Synthetic Resin Tiles?

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  • Date: 2022/08/23

Synthetic resin tile has excellent weather resistance, practicality, and decoration, it sets the advantages of all kinds of tile, is the king of roofing tile, and has been widely used. However, no matter how good the tile, it is necessary to cooperate with the standard installation to reflect its advantages, the following Yuecheng resin tile manufacturer Xiao Bian will introduce the installation points and advantages of synthetic resin tile:

First of all, to determine the spacing of purlins, not too wide, so as not to cause collapse, from bottom to top. Pay attention to checking whether the bottom edge of the tiles is perpendicular to the construction line. If it is a double-slope roof, the two slopes should be installed synchronously so that the waveforms of the right ridge tiles can match when installed.

Secondly, the installation of the main tile should be based on their local social wind direction, wind direction installation, between the two pieces of tile lap to transverse lap the main size of 80mm wave peak, longitudinal lap a tile joint, lap in the purlin direct contact with different parts must be fixed with tapping bolts; If there is no positive ridge tile, cut off a section of the first ridge tile and install it again. Try to avoid overlapping with the main tile to reduce the system installation gap. Positive and inclined ridge tiles should be sawed together, treated, and leveled so that enterprises can install and use three-way tiles.

The purchase of good resin tile materials, and then with the requirements of the specification installation, can let China resin tile roof can achieve a decoration and waterproof in one of the perfect teaching effects, so that the advantages of resin tile enterprises can be fully reflected, the quality of the material and the way of installation, the importance of both is indispensable.

Synthetic resin tile belongs to the green roof construction materials, is belong to the product of sell like hot cakes in the building materials market, many customers in the use of resin tile after reflection, used many roofing tiles, is easy to appear the phenomenon such as aging, breakage, leakage, since put on the synthetic resin tile, haven’t seen these problems, waterproof effect is very good!

What is the waterproof principle of synthetic resin tile? The surface of synthetic resin tile is the use of ASA material, and Yuecheng resin tile imported ultra-high weather resistance ASA resin, resin tile product density, no water absorption, and no microporous leakage problem. The area of resin tile single piece is large, so the roof joint is less, so the waterproof performance of resin tile is higher than the traditional tile before.

Synthetic resin tile weather resistance is super, Yue Cheng resin tile even if long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, hot harsh conditions, or can maintain the stability of the color of the product, and resin tile itself has the “lotus leaf effect”, rainy day rain wash will be very clean as new.

A lot of consumers of synthetic resin ceramic tile products or not how understand, so can not distinguish the quality of synthetic resin ceramic tile, we detailed analysis of the price of synthetic resin tile and the pros and cons of the huge gap between what is the reason?

In recent years, with the development of slope engineering and new rural areas in China, so the demand for roofing tile is also growing, and now the synthetic resin tile on the market has caused a big problem, because some resin tile manufacturers to win more customers, in the raw materials, there is a lot of greatly shortened service life of resin tile, The following are the main factors affecting the price and quality of synthetic resin tiles:

1.Resin tile thickness problem

Resin tile conventional design thickness of 2.5mm and 3.0mm, many different manufacturers have technology resin tile thickness can be made 2.0mm, 2.3mm, 2.5mm, 2.7mm, used to learn as 2.5 and 3.0 to sell, to save the enterprise raw materials, the price also has the advantage of the market competitive environment, But the expected service life cycle is greatly shortened.

2. the proportion of resin tile raw materials

Some manufacturers add calcium carbonate to increase the weight of resin bricks, so the total cost is lower. Some plasticizers add quantity more and can raise the hardness of ceramic tile, but plasticizer does not catch fire, can bring about the product of colophony ceramic tile is fragile, easy to rupture, and aging.

3. Use recycled materials as new materials

Of course, the price of PVC as a major research material also determines the price and quality of synthetic resin tile. Some work with irresponsible resin tile manufacturers to improve the company’s profits and reduce the quality. Resin tiles are produced by using recycled materials.

As we all know, production costs, workshop rent, labor, water, and electricity costs are different in various places, brand manufacturers, product quality and after-sales service, and so on, have a great relationship with the sales price of resin tile.

Synthetic resin tile is used in recent years the use of high-tech chemical technology research and development of new materials, high strength, sound insulation, anti-corrosion flame retardant, lightweight and many other excellent characteristics, it is suitable for the construction of villas, scenic garden pavilion, real estate, residential areas, new rural construction, new rural, cultural ancient building, antique building, etc.

Synthetic resin tile color lasting, bright, and good-looking, there is a sense of brightness. Some people will think that the color of resin tile is too bright and not good, that a large number of spraying agent was added, which is harmful to the human body, and feel uneasy.

Now Yue Cheng resin tile manufacturers will tell you that the color of resin tile is bright and not toxic, the color of resin tile is gray, brick red, jujube red, red, sea blue, etc., it is the use of industrial chemistry to dye, does not contain harmful substances, belong to environmental protection products.

That someone will ask if the resin tile color will fade? Will, but the color change of resin tile is a slow and shallow change process, the service life is up to 30 years when choosing the color of resin tile, it is recommended to make a choice combined with the surrounding environment.





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