Resin Tile Specification And Size Table, How Much Is The Contract?

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  • Date: 2022/08/25

The width of the resin tiles comes in two specifications:

One is 880 mm wide, the other is 1050 mm wide, 880 mm with only 800 mm wide, and 1050 mm with an effective width of only 960 mm wide.

Then there is the thickness, the thickness of the resin tile is generally 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 2.8 mm, or 3.0 mm, of course, the thickness can be customized production, if it is a home resin tile we Yuecheng resin tile manufacturers recommend the use of 3.0 mm resin tile, the thickness of 3.0 mm resin tile is more strong and durable.

There is everyone in the installation of resin tile, resin tile purlin spacing must be by the installation requirements, width 880 mm specification resin tile purlin spacing control within 660 mm, 1050 mm width resin tile purlin spacing control within 750 mm, spacing is too big, high temperature easy to cause roof collapse, this is the disadvantage of resin tile.

When it comes to resin tile manufacturers’ direct sales how much money, the first from the product quality to assess the value of the product. Please see

and manufacturer price analysis:

1. Product introduction

ASA synthetic resin tile is made of PVC and ASA resin as the main raw material, after high-temperature plasticizing, co-extrusion, and cooling. ASA synthetic resin tile has the characteristics of UV radiation resistance and aging resistance. Using the formula and raw materials of Yuecheng manufacturer, the resin tile service life is up to more than 30 years.[Yue Cheng synthetic resin tile] manufacturers here to remind you to pay attention to, the 880 mm resin tile purlin installation spacing is 660 mm, and 1050 mm resin tile purlin installation spacing is 750 ms!  

2.Price analysis of resin tile manufacturers:

ASA synthetic resin tile thickness, specifications, raw materials, and after-sales service is different, the price of ASA synthetic resin tile is different, such as 1050 type 3 mm thickness of ASA resin tile, the manufacturer price is between 40-60 yuan, [Yue Cheng synthetic resin tile] brand manufacturers suggest that you carefully choose products!

If you want to know how much money is for direct sales of resin tile manufacturers, you can see [Yuecheng Building Materials] anti-corrosion tile manufacturers:

1. The thickness of the product is different, and the price is certainly different, you get what you pay for.

The resin tile thin on the building materials market is 2.0 mm thickness, but [Yue Cheng building materials] the manufacturer recommends everyone to choose 2.8 mm or 3.0 mm thickness tile product, the product service life is much longer.

2. If the raw material formula of resin tile products is different, the price is also different.

Synthetic resin tile raw material formula is ASA resin as a surface protection layer but also divided into quality grade.

1) The price of ASA resin in domestic production and the price of imported ASA resin raw materials have a certain price difference;

2) If the ASA resin tile does not add imported materials, although the price of the resin tile manufacturers is low, the service life of the resin tile can not be guaranteed.

Ask the resin tile manufacturer price how much money a square meter, you can consider asking the next [Yue Cheng building materials] manufacturers, [Yue Cheng synthetic resin tile] the price has a very competitive advantage in the market.[Yuecheng synthetic resin tile] brand manufacturers also to the majority of new and old customers to provide 20 years of product quality assurance services.[Yuecheng building materials] manufacturers have a total of 300 mu, three production bases, hoping to choose [Yuecheng] brand anticorrosion tile for the majority of customers to provide more thoughtful, rest assured service! Foshan Yuecheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. welcomes everyone to visit the factory, and consultation.

[customer problem] resin tile package material package how much?

Yue Cheng’s answer: in Guangdong, the price of resin tile packing materials is generally 150-200 yuan/square meter. The reason for the price fluctuation is that the installation of master roof construction is difficult, and construction safety height is high! Because the resin tile unit price in different areas is different, so the price of labor package material is different. But you should learn to compare the thickness, color, and price of resin shingles used by several contractors and the specifications and thickness of steel pipes. (resin tile best photo comparison) you can find resin tile manufacturers on the Internet. If the price and resin tile quality is as good, why not buy better quality resin tile?

Resin tile price is also affected by the level of regional consumption. How much does it cost to cover a room with resin tiles? The contract price is about 120 yuan to 140 yuan per square meter, including tile material, steel frame, labor, and installation costs. If you want to buy your tile material and steel frame, just install it. You can discuss with your employees whether you should be paid by hours or by the day, usually 200 to 300 yuan per day. The above data is for reference only.

1. If you ask workers to set working hours, then you can discuss with workers how many hours a day according to the number of people. Now the average salary is 200 to 300 yuan a day.

2. contractor, you can see how many square meters of resin tile, contracted to workers, according to square meters, generally only installed tile, 15-20 yuan/flat.

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