Price And Service Life Of Synthetic Resin Roof Tiles

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  • Date: 2022/07/12

6 meters resin watts price table resin watts 6 meters long how much money a price.

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6 meters long resin tile specific specifications 6 meters 13, 2.0mm thick resin tile price 105 yuan/sheet, 2.5 mm thick resin tile price 130 yuan/sheet, 3.0 mm thick resin tile price 160 yuan/sheet (sales market price, materials for ASA) Foshan Yue Cheng building materials show you highquality 6 meters resin tile price list, Can query resin tile 6 meters long to how much a price, market, main parameters, manufacturers, etc.

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He is also concerned about ASA resin tile and PVC tile which are good, Huaihua resin tile wholesale market.

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Title: “Price List of 6 m resin tile”.

Synthetic resin tile, also known as plastic tile, is made of high weatherability engineering quality resin, toughness skeleton layer and high strength PVC wear layer. At present, it has been widely used in China, Europe, America, Africa, Asia,and other countries.

In China, synthetic resin tile production is mainly concentrated in Sichuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong. Jiangsu,and Zhejiang provinces of resin tile are relatively medium, Sichuan province resin tile is famous for its moderate price. As an earthquake-prone area, the demand for resin tiles is naturally very large. The resinous tile price that Sichuan produces is for every square meter commonly 20-40 yuan. There are cheaper ones, of course, but they won’t last 20 to 30 years.

Every product has its own production cost. If it is sold below cost, is its quality guaranteed? Guangdong resin tile price is generally higher, the factory price is generally 30-50 yuan \\u002Fsquare meters, but there are low. Guangdong all resin tiles are highquality price. Is not the price of resin wali, Sichuans low quality is good, and the price is always around the cost and quality.

Secondly, we talk about their synthesis and resin tile network life. Why do some of them use resin tiles for decades, and some just a few years to crack and leak? The most important or a resin tile raw material management problem.

The experiment proved that the main material of synthetic resin tile, POLYvinyl chloride resin,and surface high weather resistance ASA resin does not react with acid and alkali, can long-term acid and alkali corrosion resistance, even if the tile body in the long-term acid, alkali and salt environment will not affect the product performance. Therefore, it has a long service life, with better corrosion resistance, and anti-aging characteristics, so its service life can be up to 30 years. In addition, resin tile thickness and co-extrusion technology, as well as the use of environmental factors will affect the service life of resin tile.

Generally speaking, the material used by resin tile not only affects its price but also affects its life. Some resin tile manufacturers to save costs, jerked corners, resin tile surface ASA thickness is less than 0.15mm, or ABS fabric, its weather resistance is greatly reduced. Some also use recycled materials to produce resin tiles, which are also of poor quality. The color will fade after a few months of use and will be fine after 2-3 years. So the price of this resin tile will be much cheaper.

When buying resin tile, therefore, it is important to information quality of enterprise products, brands and manufacturers can undertake a comprehensive comparison, the resin tile production equipment manufacturer qualification, professional, successful cases ,and after-sales management services have a comprehensive understanding, can obtain the guarantee to buy cost-effective resin tile products.





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