Which is better, synthetic resin tile or color steel tile, and what are their performances? Why are synthetic resin tiles becoming more and more popular and widely used?

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  • Date: 2022/12/15

In today’s rapid economic development, the country has set up the goal of building the countryside into a new socialist countryside with a prosperous economy, perfect facilities, a beautiful environment, civilization, and harmony. Therefore, earth-shaking changes have also taken place in the countryside, from the traditional tile-roofed houses with old and faded tiles to today’s exquisite and western-style villas and buildings, giving people a new look. At the same time, this is facing the choice of roof tiles. Synthetic resin tiles and colored steel tiles are the two most common roofing materials in daily life today, and people have been entangled in choosing which one is better. As long as we analyze the performance of the two, the result is obvious!

Synthetic resin tile

1. Synthetic resin tile is a new generation of light and environmentally friendly building materials refined with ultra-high weather resistance engineering resin ASA.

2. Synthetic resin tiles are rich in color and will not fade for a long time. The shape is beautiful and three-dimensional, which fully highlights the characteristics of Chinese architectural culture.

3. Synthetic resin tiles also have the advantages of light texture, waterproof, fireproof, no rust, toughness and durability, sound insulation, thermal insulation, strong corrosion resistance, wind and shock resistance, pollution resistance, green environmental protection, insulation, and easy installation.

4. The synthetic resin tile is beautiful in appearance, bright in color, and light in texture, putting on a beautiful hat for the construction of new countryside and old houses. Therefore, it is more and more popular among people, especially suitable for my country’s current rural beautification projects and urban transformation.

5. Synthetic resin tile has a good sound insulation effect. Under the influence of external noise such as heavy rain and strong wind, it has a good effect of absorbing noise. Therefore, it is very suitable for those industrial plants, warehouses, farms, villas, and other places.

6. Synthetic resin tile has excellent thermal insulation performance and slow thermal conductivity; indoors, it is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the effect is very significant.

7. Synthetic resin tiles are rich in color, and there are many colors to choose from. It can still maintain its color stability in harsh environments, and there is no need to worry about fading.

8. Moreover, the service life of synthetic resin tiles is as long as 30 years. Even after a long time of use, it will not rust or bend.

9. The synthetic resin tile is light in texture, easy, and quick to install, not only saving time, effort, and worry, but also saving money!

Color steel tile

1. Color steel tiles, also known as colored profiled tiles, are made of colored coated steel plates that are rolled and cold-bent into various wave-shaped profiles to serve as roof tiles.

2. Single-layer color steel tiles are generally used in factories and warehouses that do not require high heat and sound insulation effects. If it is applied to residential buildings and office buildings, color steel sandwich panels are generally selected, which have enhanced heat insulation and sound insulation effects.

3. The color steel tile has a beautiful appearance, good mechanical properties, easy to deal with irregular openings and convenient construction. Color steel tiles can have different plate thicknesses and different surface coating treatments, which are directly related to the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, durability, and other properties of color steel tiles. The cost performance is not high, and the price is naturally very different.

4. Moreover, it has strong corrosion resistance, bright color, and no need for surface decoration. The color of general color steel tiles can only be maintained for 5-10 years, and the service life is only 10-15 years.

5. However, the thermal insulation effect of the color steel tile is poor, because it has no insulation layer, and the cold and heat coefficient conducts quickly, which will cause the phenomenon of cold winter and hot summer.

6. Especially in cold or hot weather, when the doors and windows are not sealed, small water droplets will condense on the surface of the colored steel tile.

7. Moreover, people who have used it know that once the color steel tile is used for a long time, it will be bent, deformed, rusted, and so on.

To sum up, the performance of synthetic resin tiles and color steel tiles is simply analyzed, and the results are clear at a glance, synthetic resin tiles are better. Therefore, as long as you find a manufacturer that has been focusing on R&D and production of synthetic resin tiles for 18 years, you don’t need to worry about performance at all. We will tailor-make according to the needs of customers, adhering to the business purpose of “quality-oriented, customer-centered, reputation-oriented, service-oriented”, and one-to-one considerate after-sales service to solve problems for customers. Worry-free, rest assured to buy!


In modern architecture, with the improvement of the public’s aesthetics, it is not enough for buildings to be practical, but also to have a beautiful appearance and distinctive features. Synthetic resin tiles are so in line with the aesthetics of modern architecture. They not only have excellent performance and strong practicability, but also have beautiful appearance, strong three-dimensional effect, rich in Chinese architectural cultural characteristics, and can add points to the beautification of buildings. Therefore, synthetic resin tiles have become a new type of environmentally friendly roofing building material that has become more and more popular in recent years, and the scope of use is expanding. Why? It can be analyzed from the following five aspects.

Synthetic resin tiles are light in texture

The competitive advantage of synthetic resin tiles is relatively obvious. First of all, in terms of quality, the synthetic resin tile is very light and will not cause too much pressure on the building.

Secondly, in terms of installation, it is convenient and fast, which can save time, effort and cost.

Then, in terms of loading and unloading, not only can it be transported in large quantities, but it is also not easy to be damaged, easy to load, unload and transport, which is more cost-effective and saves a lot of transportation costs.

Synthetic resin tile super corrosion resistance

Because the synthetic resin tile has excellent corrosion resistance, it can resist the corrosion of various chemical substances such as acid, alkali and salt for a long time. Especially in acid rain areas or corrosive industries, it is not easy to corrode.

Synthetic resin tiles have a long service life

The synthetic resin tile is composed of four layers of materials: the first layer is a super weather-resistant layer made of engineering resin ASA, the second layer is a super impact-resistant layer, the third layer is a heat insulation layer, and the fourth layer is a super wear-resistant layer. Floor. Therefore, it is durable, with a service life of up to 30 years, no damage for a long time, and low maintenance costs.

Synthetic resin tile has excellent thermal insulation performance

The experimental results show that the thermal conductivity of synthetic resin tiles is low, and the heat conduction speed is slow. After using synthetic resin tiles, the temperature will be relatively low when encountering hot and high temperature weather, which just plays the role of heat preservation and heat insulation!

Synthetic resin tile green environmental protection

When the country puts forward the new concept of ecological civilization that “lucid waters and lush mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains”, it shows that we must uphold the development concept of protecting the ecological environment, harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and sustainable development. Therefore, green environmental protection is particularly important! It just so happens that synthetic resin tiles are a kind of green and environmentally friendly roofing building materials, which can be recycled after use. The key is that it will not produce harmful substances, will not have negative effects on humans, animals and the environment, and will not cause environmental pollution!

To sum up, this is the advantage that synthetic resin tiles can still stand out in the huge building materials market!


Synthetic resin tiles stand out in various fields of the industry by virtue of their excellent performance and beautiful appearance. Whether walking in the bustling market or walking through the ancient streets, you can find it. Although the synthetic resin tile seems to be perfect, it actually has the following three fatal disadvantages.

1. Thermal expansion and contraction

It is a natural principle that objects expand with heat and contract with cold. Most building materials expand with heat and contract with cold, and synthetic resin tiles are no exception. However, compared with other building materials, the thermal expansion and contraction rate of synthetic resin tiles is very small. Synthetic resin tiles are not resistant to low temperatures and will shrink and deform at minus 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, when using synthetic resin tiles in low-temperature areas, special attention should be paid to the installation. For example, the length of a single synthetic resin tile cannot exceed 6.5 meters. If it is too long, it will exceed the thermal expansion and contraction range of the synthetic resin tile, which will shorten its service life. During installation, the spacing between the grooves should be kept at about 75cm, the spacing should be strictly controlled, and it should not be too wide.

Two, not resistant to high temperature

Synthetic resin tile is a co-extruded composite of ASA and PVC as the main materials. The two materials will undergo a vulcanization reaction at a high temperature of 180 degrees. Once its surface exceeds 70 degrees, it will deform, which will not only affect the appearance of the roof but also reduce its protective effect of the roof.

3. Not suitable for flat roofs and large-span roofs

Since the design of the synthetic resin tile is a flat arc shape, the height of the crest is about 2.5cm. If the height of the wave crest is too low and the roof area is too large, it will not be able to meet the waterproof requirements of the roof of a long-span building, which will cause water accumulation and water leakage on the roof, which will penetrate under the roof. Therefore, synthetic resin tiles are suitable for sloping roofs with a slope of 20-80 degrees.

How long is the service life of synthetic resin tiles

As mentioned above, the service life of synthetic resin tiles depends critically on the raw materials and is also directly related to the environment and temperature of the application. Under normal circumstances, high-quality synthetic resin tiles have a service life of more than 30 years. However, if the synthetic resin tile is made of inferior raw materials, coupled with the influence of the actual environment, deformation, embrittlement, fading, etc. will occur in just a few months or a year or two, and it needs to be replaced immediately.

Therefore, synthetic resin tiles have their outstanding advantages, but they also have their disadvantages. When purchasing, you must choose according to the actual use environment, so that its disadvantages can be turned into advantages, and the advantages can be highlighted vividly.


As the country began to advocate the construction of green and environmentally friendly homes and strongly supported the use of green and environmentally friendly synthetic resin tiles, synthetic resin tiles were not only popular with the public and widely used, but also belonged to products with good development prospects in the building materials market. Because of this, many unscrupulous merchants began to shoddy, produced too much synthetic resin tile filling material, and used old materials and calcium powder instead of PVC powder, allowing these inferior synthetic resin tiles to flow into the market. As a result, more and more customers can’t distinguish the quality of synthetic resin tiles, so that they buy inferior synthetic resin tiles. Let me tell you six ways to distinguish high-quality synthetic resin tiles.

1. Look at the appearance of synthetic resin tiles

The high-quality synthetic resin tile has a clear outline, and the material is smooth and lustrous. On the contrary, it is a low-priced and inferior synthetic resin tile.

Second, the weight of the synthetic resin tile

The main raw material of high-quality synthetic resin tiles is polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and its specific gravity is about 1.8. Weighing method: Weigh a synthetic resin tile weighing one square meter. If the weight ÷ volume ≈ 1.8, it can prove that the main raw material of the synthetic resin tile is PVC, which can ensure the service life and quality of the synthetic resin tile. Conversely, if the specific gravity does not reach 1.8, it is likely that there are too many fillers.

3. Weigh and tap the synthetic resin tile with your hands

High-quality synthetic resin tiles are light in weight, and there will be a dull feeling when the two boards are struck. The inferior synthetic resin tiles will feel heavy when weighed by hand, and the sound of the two boards being knocked is crisp.

4. Fire test for synthetic resin tiles

If it is a high-quality synthetic resin tile with four layers of material, ignite the synthetic resin tile with fire, and the synthetic resin tile will go out immediately after the fire source leaves, and there is no peculiar smell. However, as soon as the inferior synthetic resin tile encounters a fire source, the flame will spread and emit a pungent odor.

Five, look at the product quality report of synthetic resin tile

Generally regular and professional manufacturers, their product quality inspection reports are super complete and will be updated in time. They have all the indicators, thermal conductivity, performance and other tests of synthetic resin tiles. Only such manufacturers can guarantee the quality of products. For customers more reliable.

6. Choose a strong synthetic resin tile old brand and visit the factory

Generally speaking, choosing a strong and professional synthetic resin tile old brand and large manufacturer will not only pass the product quality, guarantee after-sales service, but also have international quality standard certification. A full range of services so that you have no worries!

I believe that after learning these six methods, everyone must have a good idea. Therefore, high-quality synthetic resin tiles must find a professional synthetic resin tile manufacturer with strong brand strength!


What are the main scopes of application of synthetic resin tiles?

Synthetic resin tiles are developed from ASA plastics, and at the same time, high weather-resistant engineering resin materials–new building materials are used. It is not only rich in color and durable, beautiful in shape, and strong in the three-dimensional sense, in line with the characteristics of Chinese architectural culture, but also has many excellent characteristics such as lightweight, toughness, waterproof and fireproof, thermal insulation, green environmental protection, super corrosion resistance, and durability. Mainly applicable to flat-to-slope projects, villas, new rural construction, etc.

Flat-to-slope resin tile

The conversion of the level to the slope is an important project that the country is vigorously promoting at present. The synthetic resin tiles vigorously promoted in my country’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” are applied to the slope conversion project, which can not only beautify the city but also protect the environment, save energy and protect the environment. At the same time, if synthetic resin tiles are used for flat-to-slope conversion, the effects of heat insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof are particularly outstanding. Its flat-roofed buildings will have a water leakage, and the phenomenon of cold winter and hot summer can also be effectively improved. In particular, the residents on the top floors of flat-to-slope living in houses covered with resin tiles do not feel stuffy.

Villa resin tile

Synthetic resin tiles are rich in color and not easy to fade. After being designed with it, the roof of the villa will be more beautiful and three-dimensional. In addition, it has excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance, which can play a role in heat insulation in hot summer and heat preservation in cold winter.

New rural construction resin tile

In the past, the roofs in rural areas were generally built with traditional tiles, and the resistance effect was greatly reduced in bad weather. Nowadays, in the country’s urban-rural integration construction project, synthetic resin tiles put on a colorful dress for the new countryside, making the whole village full of vitality and promoting the development of tourism. Responding to the country’s call for building a new socialist countryside and forming a new pattern of integrated urban and rural economic and social development, it has taken a big step towards the goal of achieving common prosperity. At the same time, it is not only environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and recyclable, but also improves the safety of rural houses. Therefore, it is designated as a special material vigorously promoted by the country.

I believe that the use of synthetic resin tiles will add a beautiful landscape to your house. The above is the main scope of application of synthetic resin tiles. If you want to know more about professional resin tile knowledge, please pay attention to professional resin tile manufacturers.


The four things that must be done in the renovation of old rural houses are indispensable!

With the construction of beautiful countryside, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the rural landscape. Almost every family built a small western-style building, the old houses were also painted with white paint, the old roofs were replaced with synthetic resin tiles, flowers and trees were widely planted on the roads, the green environment is beautiful, and the overall look is completely new. So, for ordinary people who renovate old rural houses, what four things do they need to do to make their houses safer and more comfortable?

Retrofit Roof Corrosion

Corrosion, aging, and damage to the roof of old houses are particularly common and prominent problems. The reformer wants to spend the least amount of money within the limited funds to transform it into an ideal look. Therefore, it is very suitable to replace the roof with synthetic resin tiles that are colorful, beautiful, and decorative. Because the synthetic resin tile not only has good-looking skin, but also has super corrosion resistance, the service life is as long as 30 years, and the cost performance is very high.

In addition, synthetic resin tiles are easy to install, with high single-sheet paving efficiency and quick completion, which can save installation costs, save money, time and effort. In addition, compared with glazed tiles and cement tiles, synthetic resin tiles are lighter in texture, which can reduce the pressure on old house structures and beams, and have a high safety factor. Generally speaking, the use of synthetic resin tiles is safer, more practical, and more cost-effective.

Renovation of aging doors and windows

Deterioration of doors and windows is an obvious problem in older houses. For wooden doors and windows, if the door and window material is strong enough, but the surface is faded, then just repaint it. However, if the doors and windows have problems such as falling off or deformation, it means that the characteristics of the material itself have changed, and it must be removed and redone.

In addition, for steel doors and windows, the paint film on the surface is peeled off, and the main body is corroded and cracked, which is neither safe nor easy to maintain, so it should be removed and redone.

Renovation of unstable walls

Before renovating the walls of old rural houses, it is necessary to do the base treatment of the wall. First remove the unstable old wall, re-find and do the base treatment, and then paint the latex paint to ensure the firmness of the new wall. Don’t just make up and deal with some parts to save a small number of decoration costs. This will cause the wall to lose its durability and cause a series of problems.

repair water circuit

Since the old rural houses have not been lived in for a long time, the hydropower renovation must first check whether the original waterways are rusted and aged, and replace unreasonable pipelines. The pipelines must be reasonable, tightly connected, and easy to maintain in the future.

In addition, the circuit is open wire, there are phenomena such as chaotic wiring and aging circuit, which is not suitable for daily life with many electrical appliances in modern families, and there are potential fire safety hazards. Copper wires of corresponding specifications should be used by relevant national standards during the renovation to avoid potential safety hazards.

The above are the four things that must be done in the renovation of old rural houses. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Use synthetic resin tiles to renovate the roof. If there is anything you don’t understand, please leave a message and let me know. I will actively solve the problem for you.


How to Improve the Installation and Utilization Rate of Synthetic Resin Tile

As we all know, synthetic resin tile is a more convenient and efficient roof-building material. It has outstanding features such as light texture, toughness and durability, rich colors, green environmental protection, thermal insulation, and easy installation. In addition, it is easy to cut, and the size can be customized according to the shape and size of the roof, which effectively improves the installation utilization rate of synthetic resin tiles.

simple roof construction

The roof structure is generally divided into arched and two-sided slopes. Such a structure is simple, except for the lap joint between tiles, basically, no extra materials are needed, which reduces the loss of tiles.

complex roof shapes

If it is a more complex roof shape, the cutting length can be customized according to customer requirements. During installation, it can not only improve the installation utilization rate of the synthetic resin tile but also increase the installation speed and reduce the installation cost. Like pavilions and villas, it is necessary to increase the three-dimensionality of the house to make it more refined and beautiful, so the roof shape will be more complicated. Most people will make triangular slopes or other irregular shapes, so it is necessary to cut and trim the resin tiles and cut off the excess parts according to the shape of the slope.

If you want to improve the utilization and installation rate of synthetic resin tiles, you need to find a professional resin tile manufacturer with brand strength, and then they will have a professional installation team!


Using high-quality synthetic resin tiles, the 12-level typhoon “Siamba” will not blow away!

Recently, typhoon “Siamba” landed in Guangdong with violent wind and rain, with a wind force of 12, causing severe waterlogging in some areas. What’s even more astonishing is that the roofs of the self-built houses and factory buildings were overturned by the strong wind, leaving nothing behind. It was frightening to see, let alone the users of these roofs! It can be seen how important it is to use high-quality synthetic resin tiles. It not only has the advantages of light texture, long-lasting color, strong impact resistance, waterproofing, fireproofing, super weather resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, etc. Typhoons full of wind, it has excellent anti-strong wind performance.

As a new generation of environmentally friendly roofing building materials, synthetic resin tiles are durable and unmatched by traditional tiles. The design of the slope layer is beautiful and elegant, suitable for roof decoration of houses, and also suitable for various garden constructions, and has won people’s favor.

The synthetic resin tile is made of engineering resin ASA, which has super high weather resistance and good quality. Although the material itself can withstand the attack of severe weather, if you want to fully exert the performance of the synthetic resin tile against strong winds, you need to install it properly, so that it is more difficult to damage and has double protection.

Therefore, if you choose high-quality synthetic resin tiles, even if a strong typhoon strikes, you can safely hide under the eaves and be protected by them.


There are many types of roof tiles, how to choose the most suitable one?

With the development of technology, the types of roof tiles are gradually enriched, ranging from small colors to large shapes, making people dazzled to choose. Therefore, it is inevitable to compare the quality of various roof tiles and choose the most suitable one. There are 7 roof tiles with different performances for your reference.

metal tile

There is a layer of protective film on the surface of the metal tile. After the protective film falls off, it is easy to corrode, rust, and leak; and the joints between the panels are subject to long-term effects of thermal expansion and contraction and wind force, which will cause rain leakage. Furthermore, it will be noisy, has poor thermal insulation effect, short service life, and needs regular maintenance.

Glazed tile

Although the glazed tile building is full of Chinese style and classical charm, its materials are very rare and difficult to make. Therefore, the price will be more expensive. Furthermore, glaze cracking is also a major problem, and the use of glazed tiles will increase maintenance costs.

asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are prone to aging, and the general service life is only more than ten years. When installing, use the bedding method of bonding and adding nails. Once the bonding is not firm, it will be blown off in case of strong wind. Furthermore, the flame retardancy of asphalt shingles is poor.

cement tile

Cement tiles are heavy, which can easily cause great pressure on the roof and beams, and cost a lot of money to support the beams. Moreover, its color is easy to fall off, and it is very easy to seep water. When encountering a problem, it is both a headache and a waste of money!

Fiberglass tile

The surface of the fiberglass tile is made of hard natural color mineral sand, which is not easy to fade. Moreover, it has potential safety hazards and is easy to burn in case of fire.

Color steel tile

The color steel tile has no insulation layer, the cold and heat coefficient conducts quickly, and it does not keep heat or insulate. In high-temperature weather, the indoor temperature is high and super hot; in low-temperature weather, the indoor temperature also drops with the temperature drop, super cold. Moreover, it is prone to problems such as bending, deformation, and rust after being used for a long time.

Synthetic resin tile

Synthetic resin tiles are durable in color, beautiful in shape, and have Chinese architectural characteristics. It is made of ultra-high weather resistance engineering resin ASA, which has the characteristics of lightweight, waterproof and fireproof, thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, toughness and durability, and quick installation. It is simply the best choice for roof decoration! The service life is as long as 30 years. Compared with other roof tiles, it can save a lot of maintenance costs and renovation costs. Why not do it?

On the whole, the new environmentally friendly roofing material – synthetic resin tile is the best choice. With the recognition of the market, resin tiles are becoming more and more popular, and the scope of use is becoming wider and wider!





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