Is the old house suitable for renovation with synthetic resin roof tiles? How much is a square meter of synthetic resin roof tiles?

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  • Date: 2022/12/09

Most of the old houses more than ten years ago or even decades ago used traditional clay tiles as roofing materials, and problems such as falling off and rain leakage occurred within three or two years. In the past, roof maintenance and replacement of tiles were rural It’s commonplace, and now there is finally a kind of tile that can solve this burning problem. “Resin tiles are used for renovation of old houses!” Rural people say so.

The old houses in rural areas are relatively poor in terms of load-bearing. If they need to be repaired and replaced frequently, there will be great safety hazards. The best solution is to renovate and replace the tiles. Resin tiles are very light, not as heavy as traditional tiles, which can greatly reduce the load of the house; resin tiles are impact-resistant and burst-proof, fixed with special screws, and will not fall off easily, not as easy to break and fall off as traditional tiles, and are very strong and durable; The thermal insulation performance of the resin tile is outstanding, and it has the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer, which is unmatched by other tiles; the resin tile has strong anti-corrosion performance, and the service life is more than 25 years. The resin tile is maintenance-free after one installation can be said to be once and for all.

Most of the people living in rural areas are the elderly and children. Maintenance and replacement of tiles have become a major problem, and young people are also worried about working outside. Since there is a new type of environmentally friendly building material, resin tiles, the whole family can finally live and work in peace and contentment! Resin tile is also a green and environmentally friendly building material that the country vigorously promotes and advocates. Resin tiles can be recycled, fire-resistant, insulating, and noise-proof, and can provide a safe and comfortable environment for family members.


Before customers build a new house, they will always ask how much the resin tile is per square meter, and then make an approximate cost budget. Resin tiles have repeatedly made contributions to the basic construction of self-built houses in rural areas in recent years. Many friends love it and buy resin tiles one after another when building houses. However, the price of resin tiles is indeed varied. How much is the cheapest resin tile? Money per square? How to buy without losing money? The construction process of the resin tile project should deal with Hecheng resin tiles with similar appearance, but the prices are very different. Many friends don’t know how to choose. Buy the cheapest. Therefore, many customers are attracted by the cheap price and choose cheap but poor-quality resin tiles. It is often seen that some people on the Internet say that the purchased resin tiles are brittle and will break if they are lightly broken; the resin tiles will fade in a mess after being installed for several months; the resin tiles are very easy to crack and deform, Water seepage… These are inferior resin tiles, let’s discuss below, the serious harm caused by the application of inferior resin tiles!

The “cheapest resin tile” in the hearts of customers, why does the inferior resin tile have many product quality problems such as fading and cracking within a year or even a shorter period? The direct reason is: the resin tiles produced do not have an ASA weather-resistant layer, or the ASA weather-resistant layer is not qualified at all. Many cheap resin tiles have a surface ASA that is only 1/3 thick of the national standard, and the distribution is uneven. If other materials are used as ASA fabric and the bottom material, the product will naturally fade quickly, causing a series of problems. Seeing the high-quality resin tiles here, I believe everyone has their own opinions. The price of resin tiles can be lowered and lowered, which depends on the bottom line of the manufacturer. If you want to buy resin tiles without losing money, I recommend Xingfa resin tile manufacturers and Yuecheng resin tile manufacturers to buy.


The appearance of the resin tile is good-looking and the service life is long. It is deeply loved by everyone. It is a product with a good market development prospect. Because of this, some unscrupulous manufacturers have begun to enter the resin tile market. Various low-priced and inferior products have caused serious damage to the resin tile. Negative effects, today, Xingfa resin tile manufacturers share with you how to distinguish the quality of resin tiles.

1. Resin tile weight

The main raw material of authentic resin tiles is PVC, and the specific gravity is about 1.8, which means that we weigh one square meter of resin tiles. If the weight ÷ volume ≈ 1.8, it can prove that the main material of the resin tiles is PVC. If the weight ÷ volume > 1.8, the resin tile is likely to be filled with a large number of other fillers, which cannot guarantee the service life of the product, and will make the resin tile more brittle and easy to break. Most of such resin tiles Customers are used in simple temporary buildings.

2. Fire test for resin tiles

If the surface layer is authentic ASA resin, we use fire to ignite the resin tile, once the fire source leaves, the flame will go out immediately, that is a high-quality resin tile. If the fire source is away, the flames are getting bigger and bigger, and there will be a pungent smell, it is a fake and inferior resin tile. The reason is: low-quality resin tiles can only add a large amount of plasticizer, which has a combustion-supporting effect. Such resin tiles have poor weather resistance and are prone to fading, cracking, and deformation.

Fourth, weigh and tap with your hands.

High-quality resin tiles will feel dull when knocked; inferior resin tiles will feel heavy when weighed by hand, and the sound of inferior resin tiles is crisp.

Five, look at the appearance

The shape of the resin tile is clear and the color is uniform.

1. Super durability and anti-aging

Adding UV ultraviolet absorber, the main material of the heat-insulating tile is super weather-resistant and the heat-insulating tile uses imported PVC resin as the base material. Antioxidants, modifiers, etc., can effectively prolong the service life of the heat insulation tile substrate. The surface adopts anti-aging and anti-aging resin, which is a common foreign outdoor building material, as the surface material of the roof tile. Even if it is exposed to ultraviolet rays, moisture, heat, cold, and impact for a long time, it can still maintain its stability, which can ensure the long-term safe use of the product and completely solve the problem. The durability and fading of plastic roofing materials.

2. Good heat insulation effect, not afraid of heat in summer

The application of core layer foam technology ensures the formation of a porous structure inside the product and heat insulation tile. Effectively block the conduction of heat energy. The thermal conductivity of the super-resistant heat-insulating tile is 0.239W/MK, which is about 1/50.5mm thick of the cement tile and 1/2000 of the 1/310mm thick cement tile without considering the insulation layer. The thermal performance can still be better, fully meeting the needs of modern workshops. The heat insulation test of roof tiles shows that under the high temperature of 45 degrees outside, Creioritec super weather-resistant heat-insulating tiles can play a very good heat-insulating effect. Heat insulation 5-8 degrees.

3. Good anti-corrosion performance and not afraid of acid

Alkali, the main material of the insulation tile, and the special super weather-resistant resin on the surface are not compatible with acid. A chemical reaction occurs, acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, even if the tile body is in an environment of acid, alkali, and salt for a long time, it will not cause the performance of the product to decline. Therefore, it is an ideal roof-building material for coastal areas with strong salt spray corrosion and areas with serious air pollution, and it can completely solve the problem of acid and alkali resistance and anti-corrosion of roof-building materials for chemical plants, ceramic factories, electroplating factories, and other enterprises. Due to the anti-corrosion tiles of Xinli Company, Upvc thermal insulation tiles have the characteristics of bright and diverse colors and are also suitable for European-style mobile villas, resorts, playgrounds, parks, and roof flats and slopes.

4. Good mechanical properties and high strength

Adding a variety of modifying additives to the materials of each layer of tiles changes the physical properties of the PVC resin. The special production process greatly enhances the mechanical strength of the tile itself and at the same time maintains the good toughness of the PVC resin base material, so that the insulation tile itself has strong flexural strength, compressive strength, bending strength, impact strength, etc. The practical application proves that Upvc anti-corrosion tile is an acid and alkali-resistant anti-corrosion heat-insulation tile. Based on completely guaranteeing safe construction, it is also safe to use even in coastal areas with many typhoons!

Five, high utilization rate and economy. Environmental friendly!

It can be drilled, and the tile body of the heat insulation tile UPVC heat insulation tile can be nailed. Can be sawed and cut. The tiles have a large width, a large overlapping area, a small number of overlapping, low overall project cost, reliable quality, fast construction speed, fast installation, and good economic benefits. The actual utilization rate of the product is as high as 95%

6. Good fire performance, flame retardant grade B1 building material

This UPVC heat insulation tile has been tested by the National Fire Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Station: the fire performance level is B1 grade building material. All factories that emphasize fire safety regulations are applicable. It is a safe and environmentally friendly roofing building material recommended by the National Building Materials Promotion Association.

7. Sound insulation

When the sound of falling rain hits the tile surface, the core layer of the three-layer core foam insulation tile is a porous material with porous ventilation properties. The sound wave is transmitted to the porous material, causing the air in the gap to vibrate, friction, and reflection with the porous wall, which attenuates the sound and produces a sound-absorbing effect, achieving the function of sound insulation.


[Customer question] How long is the resin tile screw suitable?

Use 75mm stainless steel screws (7.5cm)

Because the wave height of the resin tile is 30mm, use 75 screws to make waves, and the remaining 40cm screws are enough to fix the resin tile! The standard spacing of purlins is 60-70cm (the answer is to do 5-6 screws)

But in special cases, if the customer wants to cover the color steel plate or color steel insulation board with synthetic resin tiles, it is not clear whether the length of the screw is appropriate?

Xingfa resin tile manufacturers recommend not to cover the color steel tile because the color steel tile is conductive, so the heat will accumulate between the color steel tile and the resin tile, which will cause the deformation of the resin tile, that is, deformation. The long-term heat accumulation during the cold shrinking process will shorten the service life of the resin tile.


With the development of society, many places have begun to use synthetic resin tiles, so how much is the price of resin tiles per meter? The following editor on the official website of Xingfa resin tile will introduce to you how much the price of resin tile is 1 meter.

Resin tiles are light in weight and are moisture-proof, heat-insulating, waterproof, frost-proof, corrosion-resistant, hail-proof, durable, and non-fading, and keep the roof beautiful and beautiful. If you use the resin tile products produced by Xingfa resin tile manufacturers, it uses The service life is as high as 30 years, and the service life of Xingfa resin tile is much higher than that of traditional small green tiles.

Now the building materials market is flooded with resin tiles of various qualities. Although the appearance is the same, the raw materials of resin tiles are very different. How much is the price of resin tile per meter? The price of resin tiles is affected by the region, and the thickness and specifications of resin tiles are different, so the price is also different (ps: Wholesale from Xingfa resin tile manufacturers will be lower than the market price)

Authentic resin tiles are 0.15mm thick, 880mm wide, and 1050mm long according to national regulations. They are green and environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Some inferior resin tiles use ABS instead of ASA. The quality and life are greatly discounted, so everyone buys them. When purchasing resin tiles, the manufacturer must be required to provide inspection reports, invoices, and other information.

The above is the whole content of “How much is the price of resin tile per meter” brought by the official website of Xingfa resin tile. When you buy resin tile, it is recommended to first understand the current price of resin tile.

[Customer question] Is it better to use colored steel tiles or resin tiles for the roof?


Resin tiles.

Color steel tiles are also called metal tiles. Color steel tiles are made of galvanized steel sheets pressed into the shape of tiles. The surface layer is colored ceramic. However, in terms of heat insulation and sound insulation effects, the best heat insulation effect is coated color steel tiles. The best is the double sandwich color steel tile, and the lowest price is the ordinary color steel tile, so you have to consider your actual needs to choose the right color steel tile for you.

However, compared with color steel tiles and resin tiles, color steel tiles have average thermal insulation, general flame retardancy, and poor sound insulation effect, especially when it rains, the color steel tiles sound very loud.

Resin tiles are tiles made of resin. The main raw materials of resin tiles are acrylic acid, acrylonitrile, and styrene rubber. Resin tiles have various colors and are very light in weight. They are environmentally friendly products.

A resin tile has a large area, so there are few places where the resin tile needs to be connected, so it has certain advantages in waterproofing; moreover, the synthetic resin tile is very light in weight, the installation procedure is very simple, and it reduces the load bearing of the house. The time is shorter than that of colored steel tiles.

The resin tile type is an antique imitation glazed tile design. It has the beautiful appearance of glazed tiles, but it abandons the shortcomings of glazed tiles. It is a replacement product for glazed tiles and colored steel tiles in 2020. Resin tiles are more corrosion-resistant, more sound-proof, and have a strong three-dimensional effect. Relatively high-cost performance, very suitable for rural customer groups.


Many people will ask how is the quality of the roofing resin tile. The quality of resin tiles in the building materials market is uneven, and those who don’t know how to do it can easily buy poor-quality resin tiles. The following editor will tell you a method to detect the quality of resin tiles:

The easy way is to weigh

If the thickness of the resin tile is two millimeters, then the weight of the resin tile is about 2.4 to 2.8 kg/square meter

If the thickness of the resin tile is 2.5 mm, then the weight of the resin tile is about 3 to 3.5 kg/square meter. the

If the thickness of the resin tile is 3 mm, then the weight of the resin tile is about 4 to 4.5 kg/square meter.

If the weight corresponding to the thickness of the resin tile exceeds these values, then ninety-five percent are inferior synthetic resin tiles

How about the quality of roof resin tile? Inferior synthetic resin tiles look the same on the outside, but the internal material ratio is completely different. Due to the addition of a lot of fillers, they are fragile and deformable and have a large capacity. Users who do not know the quality of synthetic resin tiles can easily think that the thickness is large and the performance is good.


[Customer question] How much is a square of plastic tiles?

[Answer 1] The price of a square of Xingfa plastic tiles is about 40 yuan. The editor of the Xingfa tile industry reminds everyone that when buying plastic tiles, please look for some big brands, such as the Xingfa tile industry, so as to ensure the Quality of products.

[Answer 2] A square plastic tile costs about 40 to 60 yuan. Plastic tiles are priced according to their specifications, ranging from 40 to 60 yuan.

[Answer 3] The quality of plastic tiles will also affect the price of plastic tiles. The price of good-quality plastic tiles will be around 40-50/㎡, and the price of synthetic resin tiles with inferior quality and short service life will be around 30 yuan.





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