Which is more durable, synthetic resin roof tiles or iron tiles? How much does it cost to cover a roof with synthetic resin roof tiles?

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  • Date: 2022/12/07

Which is more durable, synthetic resin roof tiles or colored steel tiles? The most essential difference between the two is that one is plastic and the other is iron. What is the difference besides that?

Synthetic resin roof tiles are made of ASA resin. Synthetic resin roof tiles have outstanding corrosion resistance, good toughness, and good strength. They are insulating products with high safety. Moreover, synthetic resin roof tiles have good sound insulation. The roof tile has a good effect of absorbing noise, and the synthetic resin roof tile has a good heat insulation effect. The house installed with the synthetic resin roof tile will have the effect of warming in winter and cooling in summer.

Color steel tiles are made of iron, and the outer paint of the iron sheet is corrosion-resistant, which only has a short-term protection effect on the material, but rust cannot be avoided in the long run. Whenever it rains, it will accelerate rusting, deformation, water leakage, and other phenomena, and it needs frequent maintenance and renovation. Moreover, colored steel tiles are not insulating products, accidents may occur in thunderstorms, and safety is not high. Color steel tiles have poor heat insulation, loud noise, are not durable, and poor comfort.

Therefore, for the sake of safety and comfort, we recommend using synthetic resin roof tiles. Synthetic resin roof tiles are beautiful and have various colors. They are very suitable for use in our houses, with a life span of 25 years or more, and do not require maintenance and renovation.


Most customers purchase synthetic resin roof tiles through the building materials market but find that many synthetic resin roof tile manufacturers do not have after-sales service, and customers do not know the installation and lap length of synthetic resin roof tiles. So what is the lap length of synthetic resin roof tiles?

If we install synthetic resin roof tiles with a width of 880 mm, the purlin spacing of synthetic resin roof tiles is 660 mm; if we install synthetic resin roof tiles with a width of 1050 mm, then the purlin spacing of synthetic resin roof tiles is 750 mm. We installed the main tiles in reverse according to the local wind direction. In this way, the horizontal lap length between our two tiles is to overlap a crest (including the lap of the ridge tile) and the size is 80 mm, and the longitudinal lap length is the pitch of one tile, and the purlin contact part at the lap Fasten with self-tapping bolts.

Synthetic resin roof tiles do not need to be lapped within 12 meters, but they need to be lapped if they exceed 12 meters. The overlap length is between 200 and 400 mm and the overlap between two synthetic resin roof tiles must be sealed with sealant. When lapping synthetic resin corrugated roof tiles, two tile waves need to be lapped, but the roof tile, wall panel, and ceiling series can only be lapped with one tile wave; the length of the lap (longitudinal lap) cannot be less than 100mm.


The advantages of synthetic resin roof tiles include fire insulation, beautiful shape, many colors, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, etc. They are widely used in various fields and are also used in many residents’ self-built houses. So, how much does it cost to cover 150 square meters of synthetic resin roof tiles?

The price of synthetic resin roof tiles on the market ranges from 20 yuan per square meter to 50 yuan per square meter. The price difference is so large because some unscrupulous merchants use inferior raw materials to produce synthetic resin roof tiles to make huge profits, which cannot guarantee the quality and service life of synthetic resin roof tiles. Therefore, when purchasing synthetic resin roof tile products, we should pay more attention to the quality of synthetic resin roof tiles!

If you can’t tell the quality of synthetic resin roof tiles, it is recommended to choose a reliable synthetic resin roof tile manufacturer, depending on the manufacturer’s scale, quality, service, after-sales, etc.

Regarding the question of how much it costs to cover 150 square meters of synthetic resin roof tiles, we recommend that you consult our Xingfa resin tile manufacturer, who has 16 years of experience as a manufacturer, provides quality assurance books, provides construction drawings, and provides you with professional construction plans, and according to your needs Customize the color and thickness of the product according to your requirements, and create a beautiful, safe and comfortable new house for you.

There are many kinds of roof tiles on the market. For example, which is the most commonly used resin tile or glazed tile? This has become a problem that many people are struggling with. Now the editor of Xingfa Tile Industry will do a comprehensive comparative analysis for you.

1. Price comparison between synthetic resin tiles and glass tiles

Glazed tiles: As we all know, glazed tiles are small pieces that are spliced and pasted together. About 33 glazed tiles are needed per square meter. The market price of glazed tiles is 2-2.5 yuan per piece. We calculate by 2 yuan, which is about 66 yuan per square meter. When laying, each person can lay up to 15 square meters per day. If a worker needs to install 300 square meters in 20 days, it can be done. The single area of glazed tiles is small, and there are many overlaps, so the chance of water leakage is high.

In addition, the price of the supporting positive tiles, western tiles, and hanging eaves is cheaper than that of the main tile, so we will calculate according to the price of the main tile. When laying, each person shall lay at least 100 square meters per day, and the labor cost is 200 yuan per day. Calculated on an area of 300 square meters, a worker needs 3 days to complete the installation.

It can be cut according to the required size. Laying and installation are simple and quick, saving time and labor costs. If you don’t believe it, you can calculate it yourself.

2. Comparison of the composition of synthetic resin tiles and glazed tiles

Glazed tiles are traditional Chinese building materials. It is made of clay fired at high temperatures. Its surface is coated with layers of bright glazed glass in various colors. There is a common problem with clay tile materials, they are, it is fragile, easy to crack, consume land resources, cannot be recycled, and becomes construction waste after many years. The weight of the glazed tile is relatively high, and it will be higher after absorbing water, which will increase the bearing pressure of the beam.

The synthetic resin tile adopts advanced three-layer co-extrusion technology and is made of ASA resin with high weather resistance, a tough skeleton, and a high wear-resistant layer. The ASA resin has the characteristics of super weather resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, heat insulation, stable color, rich color, ten-year color fastness, and obvious gloss. The resin tile is dense and light does not absorb water, and does not increase the load of the beam.

3. Performance comparison between synthetic resin tile and glazed tile

Glazed tiles mainly rely on the surface glazed layer to play the role of waterproof and impermeability. When the glazed layer falls off or cracks, it oozes out, and repairing becomes a big problem. Because glazed tiles are put together in small pieces, if one piece is cracked, the whole piece has to be lifted, which is a headache for maintenance. In addition, glazed tiles are glued together. They are easy to fall off after being washed by rain all year round. There are often reports that glazed tiles fall off and hurt people and vehicles.

The product is environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and renewable. Expansion and contraction will not cause any cracks in the tiles.

4. Comparison of service life between synthetic resin tile and glass tile

Glazed tiles are prone to bursting after 4-5 years of use (that is, the glazed layer on the surface is cracked), resulting in rain leakage. If there is no problem of bursting, it can also be used for about 20 years.

Synthetic resin tiles have a service life of up to 30 years in the natural environment. In factory buildings with heavy acid and alkali or areas with more acid rain, the service life will be reduced accordingly. The key is that it is easy to repair and maintain during use.


The appearance of synthetic resin tiles is the pattern of antique glazed tiles, which inherits the characteristics of rich colors and beautiful shapes of glazed tiles. However, this material is completely different from glazed tiles. Resin tiles are polymer materials, far superior to glazed tiles in function, and make up for the defects of glazed tiles that are easy to break, break, and fall off. They have the same appearance characteristics and different functions.

The above is the comparison between synthetic resin tiles and glazed tiles, hoping to provide a reference and help you to choose roof tiles. If you need other tile materials such as color steel tile, glass fiber tile, etc., you are welcome to continue to pay attention to us, we will provide you with it later, and you can also consult at any time.


[Question] Is the resin tile environmentally friendly? How much is a square

[Answer 1] This depends on the products of each resin tile manufacturer. Authentic resin tiles are environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless, and have no smell when installed on the roof. Resin tiles are environmentally friendly and can be recycled and reused. 2021 Many municipal projects in recent years have begun to use resin tiles. The appearance of glazed tiles and resin tiles is the same, but the materials of the two are different.

[Answer 2] Synthetic resin tile is a new type of environmentally friendly building material, with waterproof, moisture-proof, high strength, heat insulation, lightweight, anti-corrosion, sound insulation, flame retardant, etc., farmer’s market, awning, new rural villas, etc. Synthetic resin tile is a product vigorously promoted by the government. When the service life of the product is up, it can be recycled and reused. It is a green and environmentally friendly product. The resin tile manufacturer of Xingfa Tile Industry uses ASA as the raw material, and the service life is 30 years.


Resin tile is a new product in recent years. It is an environmentally friendly building material with high weather resistance, good corrosion resistance, and good appearance. Because of this, more and more customers use resin tiles, and they also get many engineering projects. recognized. Now resin tiles are not only widely used in China, but also can be seen everywhere in developed countries such as Europe and the United States.

Which manufacturer of resin tile has good quality?

Look at the manufacturer’s qualification

Good resin tile manufacturers must have formal qualifications so that the resin tiles produced will have quality assurance. Now many unqualified resin tile manufacturers use inferior raw materials, and some use recycled materials to make resin tiles, so when we buy resin tiles, we must choose some regular large manufacturers.

Look at the manufacturer’s reputation

A good resin tile manufacturer will have a good reputation and credit.

Many buildings now use resin tiles. When we buy resin tiles, we must go to large-scale, regular, and reliable manufacturers, such as Xingfa resin tile factory, which is very good. Xingfa resin tile manufacturers will have guarantees in products, services, and all aspects, and our products are diverse and complete.

Nowadays, with the development of technology, there are many types of roof tiles, and the decoration of the roof is becoming more and more diverse. People like to use various tiles to decorate their roofs. Today let’s find out which is better for aluminum tiles or resin tiles. the


1. Which is better aluminum tiles or synthetic resin roof tiles?

Both have unique features and depending on where you use them, the one that suits you is the best tile. Both aluminum tiles and resin tiles are suitable for industrial and civil buildings. Both are rainproof, rich in color, easy to install, light in weight, earthquake-resistant, fire-resistant, and high-strength. , The weight of one square meter of resin tile is about ten kilograms, so the load-bearing pressure of the house beam is relatively small, the service life of the resin tile is greatly increased, and the performance of heat insulation, sound insulation, and heat preservation is more prominent. All aspects of performance are slightly better than aluminum tiles. In fact, we don’t need to entangle whether the aluminum tile is better or the resin tile is better. Each product has its advantages and disadvantages, and the best tile is suitable for our own use.


Second, the advantages and disadvantages of aluminum tiles and resin tiles

1. Resin tile:

Advantages: lightweight, easy installation, and save installation cost, and the service life of the resin tile is more than 20 years, the load-bearing capacity, impact resistance, and sound insulation effect of the resin tile are very good, and the comprehensive cost price is similar to that of glazed tiles.

Disadvantages: low threshold, many resin tile manufacturers, many inferior resin tiles on the market, and inferior resin tiles are easy to fade and age.


2. Aluminum tile

Advantages: high strength, lightweight, waterproof and shockproof, quick installation, good corrosion resistance, 15-year shelf life, and less transportation. Because the waste of such aluminum tiles can be recycled, the price is relatively high, and aluminum tiles can be recycled.

Disadvantages: The cost of aluminum tiles is high.


[Question] How much is a square meter of resin tiles?

[Answer 1] Resin tile is a kind of decorative building material that is widely used today. It has been widely used in many places and has produced good application effects, and the processing technology is relatively sound. And if you want to buy resin tiles, their price is about 30 to 50 yuan per square meter, which may vary depending on the brand, so you can choose reasonably.

[Answer 2] Resin tiles are also commonly used in interior decoration, and everyone also attaches great importance to the price of this product. Resin tiles cost about 20-30 yuan per square meter. If you want to buy them, you should go to a reliable manufacturer to buy them, and you should pay attention to the relevant brands. There will be more products from big brands. Strong environmental protection qualities.

[Answer 3] I believe that everyone is familiar with resin tiles. After all, when decorating houses, everyone will use resin tiles. Generally, the price of resin tiles is about 80 yuan per square meter. Now it is currently on the market. There are many brands of resin tiles, and different brands have more or less different prices. The actual price depends on the brand of resin tiles.


Environmentally friendly and easy-to-install tile production can be seen in many factories. Beautiful and elegant, quality assurance is the core concept of many factories. It can be seen on construction sites and factories. At the same time, it is also gradually occupying a huge construction industry with an unstoppable momentum of development. What should I pay attention to when laying plastic tiles? analyze as below.

1. The top floor of the building should have a certain slope: plastic tiles are not ordinary tiles. They should be careful during construction. Only by paying attention to every detail in the process can the overall function of the plastic tile be fully utilized, the overall quality of the entire building can be guaranteed, and some accidents can be avoided in the future. During the construction process, we must first pay attention to maintaining a certain slope on the top floor of the house. Only in this way can the installed plastic tiles play their role. At the same time, on rainy days, the rainwater can be completely discharged along the slope, avoiding a series of subsequent problems caused by the accumulation of rainwater on the roof. Plastic tiles can also play a role in being moisture-proof and leak-proof.

2. The laying out must be accurate: the laying of plastic tiles is an important step in the entire building construction process, and construction personnel should be careful. When laying professional plastic tiles, to make the plastic tiles look beautiful and neatly planned, professional plastic tile laying personnel will accurately stake out the top floor of the house to make the laying of plastic tiles more accurate and fast, and to ensure the quality and process of laying plastic tiles, It also makes the whole roof tile look more beautiful, tidy and unified. During the entire construction process of plastic tiles, a certain slope must be maintained and attention should be paid to setting outlines. It should be noted that these details are not superfluous during the construction process. This is not only related to the overall aesthetics of the building but also a major safety issue. It is closely related to the lives, properties, and interests of many people, so these precautionary measures need to be kept in mind.





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