What are the advantages of synthetic resin roof tiles? What color are PVC roof tiles?

  • By: xingfarooftile
  • Date: 2022/10/11

With the improvement of social and economic levels, people’s pursuit of life is becoming more and more diversified. At present, synthetic resin roof tiles have been widely used in flat-to-slope development zones, farmer’s shopping malls, shopping malls, residential quarters, new rural construction residents’ senior villas, awnings, awnings, antique buildings, etc. So do you know the advantages of synthetic resin roof tiles?

1. Super weather resistance

Synthetic resin roof tiles are generally made of excellent high weather-resistant engineering resins, such as ASA, PPMA, PMMA, etc. These materials are all highly weather-resistant, making them exceptionally weather-resistant in natural environments, they can be exposed to UV rays, moisture, heat, cold, and shock for a long time, and they can maintain color and physical properties. sex.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance

The high weather resistance resin and the main resin have very good corrosion resistance, will not be corroded by rain and snow to reduce the function, and can be eroded by various chemical substances such as acid, alkali, salt, etc. Strong coastal areas and areas with severe air pollution.

3. Outstanding anti-load performance

Synthetic resin tiles have excellent load resistance.

4. Good impact resistance and low-temperature resistance

Synthetic resin roof tiles have excellent impact resistance and low-temperature performance. A 1kg heavy steel hammer 1.5 meters high can fall on the tile surface without cracks.

5. Self-cleaning

The synthetic resin roof tile has a fine and smooth appearance, is not easy to absorb dust, and has a “lotus leaf effect”. Rainwater flushing is as clean as new, and it will not show the gorgeous and mottled appearance of being flushed by rainwater after the accumulation of dirt.

6. Convenient installation

The tile sheet has a large area and high paving efficiency; lightweight, easy to lift and unload; complete supporting products; simple tools and procedures.

7. green environmental protection

Synthetic resin roof tiles can be completely recycled and reused.

8. The fire rating reaches B1

In line with the fire protection requirements of roofing materials and reaching the flame retardant grade standard, synthetic resin roof tiles can effectively delay the spread of fire.


PVC roof tiles are very popular because of their rich surface color and beautiful appearance. There are many colors of PVC roof tiles, but which color is the most durable? The most durable colors are burgundy, brick red, and gray, which are also popular among the public. In addition, Xingfa brand PVC roof tiles are also available in blue, green, yellow, and other colors (can be customized).

1. The PVC roof tiles of brick red, jujube red, and other colors are more durable and eye-catching.

2. Gray PVC roof tiles are relatively low-key.

3. Nowadays, many people prefer blue PVC roof tiles, which are suitable for use in scenic spots, playgrounds, and other places, and can attract people’s attention.

4. Dark green PVC roof tiles are used more in some garden constructions.

You can make purchases in advance according to your needs. Our Xingfa brand PVC roof tiles can be customized, and you are welcome to come and consult.





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