What factors will affect the life of PVC anti-corrosion tile? What are the advantages of anti-corrosion synthetic resin roof tiles?

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  • Date: 2022/10/06

Xingfa brand PVC anti-corrosion and weather-resistant tiles have played a very important role in our lives.

More and more units and individuals use PVC anti-corrosion tiles when choosing roof tiles. PVC tiles can prolong their service life, which not only saves costs but also avoids a lot of troubles caused by roof tiles.

So, what are the factors that affect the life of PVC tiles?

1. Product Quality

Looking at the market, we found that PVC anti-corrosion tiles are similar in appearance, but the prices are different. The performance indicators of “PVC tiles” of different manufacturers and brands are very different. The formula ratio of Xingfa brand PVC tiles is above the scientific ratio on average, which is trustworthy! It has also been unanimously recognized and supported by customers all over the country and foreign customers! The surface of some PVC tiles seems to be more beautiful. The reason for this is that some manufacturers now add a lot of oily additives to the formula of PVC tiles, which makes the tile surface particularly smooth. There are differences in the quality itself, which makes the life of PVC tiles also vary, and they age faster. Here is a warm reminder for consumers not to be confused by the appearance of the product! There are also powerful manufacturers who have test certificates to prove the quality of their tiles.

2. Construction Technology

It is understood that some customers have no experience in the construction team selected due to resource problems when installing and constructing PVC tiles, and even installing them by themselves in order to reduce costs, resulting in improper construction and the rapid end of the life of PVC tiles. In fact, the professionalism of construction affects the service life of PVC tiles to a certain extent. Therefore, when we lay PVC tiles, it is necessary to invite professional or experienced technicians to ensure the service life of PVC tiles.

3. Using Environment

When PVC tiles are used, they are used in different environments, and the external influences they receive are also different, which may affect the life of PVC tiles.

Now the service life of PVC tiles is constantly extending, but in the process of using them, we need to choose those suitable materials to make our entire use process easier, which is why everyone now chooses PVC tiles by themselves. an important reason.

The original intention is that we all hope that the service life of PVC tiles will become longer and longer. Then, we need to pay special attention to some factors such as product quality, construction technology, and the use environment of PVC tiles to ensure the service life of PVC tiles.

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Xingfa’s high-quality anti-corrosion synthetic resin roof tiles are widely used in the roofing of flat-to-slope projects, new villas, and other buildings. The anti-corrosion synthetic resin roof tile has a beautiful surface, its own luster, rich colors, long-lasting, and strong anti-corrosion; it is suitable for various architectural styles and can enhance the overall beauty of the building, which is unmatched by other traditional roof tiles.

Features of high-quality anti-corrosion synthetic resin roof tiles:

Waterproof: The synthetic resin roof tile surface is smooth and smooth, and the drainage is smooth. The synthetic resin roof tile itself does not absorb water, because water absorption will increase the load-bearing pressure of the purlin, causing a safety hazard.

Anti-corrosion: Synthetic resin roof tiles have good anti-corrosion ability, can resist the erosion of various climates such as sun, rain, and freezing, have a service life of about 30 years, and do not need to maintain the tiles during use. Even if the roof is not maintained for a long time, there will be no moss, spots, no dust accumulation, and no water stains, and the roof will be cleaner after being washed by rain.

Thermal insulation: The heat absorbed by the surface of synthetic resin roof tiles is low, and the thermal insulation performance is good. The interior of houses using synthetic resin roof tiles is warm in winter and cool in summer.

Flame retardant: The fire rating of synthetic resin roof tiles is B1 flame retardant, which does not spontaneously ignite or support combustion.

Easy installation: Synthetic resin roof tiles are light in weight, and one piece can be spread over several square meters.

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