Is PVC roof tile fireproof and heat-resistant?

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  • Date: 2022/09/27

Professional roof node waterproofing can effectively solve the problem of water leakage in your house. The perfect roof design can arrange special waterproof parts for key parts of your house to provide comprehensive maintenance for the entire roof. The node waterproof solution used can significantly improve the architectural appearance. The waterproof roll provides good waterproof performance at the ridge and does not need cement mortar. Synthetic resin roof tile has excellent waterproof and weather resistance, strong UV resistance, and excellent weather resistance.

The roof drainage and waterproofing are equally important – in many cases, roof leakage is due to the lack of efficient and reasonable design of roof water diversion. At the same time, the appearance of many buildings is affected by the arrangement of the water diversion system. In order to drain the accumulated water on the roof as soon as possible, our professional roof tile manufacturer, Xingfa Tile Industry, believes that the most ideal solution is to adopt a high-quality roof water diversion scheme without affecting the architectural beauty. The roof drainage solution can be formed by the water apron, eaves gutter, and Owens Corning rainwater system. The drainage ditch can be bent at will and simply molded, with excellent applicability.

We believe that the roof drainage system of the solar room has the following advantages:

(1) Unique appearance design, integrated with the building, beautiful and generous;

(2) Strong weather resistance, enduring and never fading (synthetic resin roof tile);

(3) A variety of colors can be selected to achieve the visual effect pursued by designers;

(4) Reliable drainage capacity (synthetic resin roof tile);

(5) Synthetic resin tile has high precision, no leakage, and simple construction.


Synthetic resin roof tiles are widely used. They can be seen in residential buildings, villas, resort areas, and other fields. In some public places such as hospitals, hotels, stations, etc., they also like to choose synthetic resin roof tiles as roof building materials. Because in addition to the advantages of antique appearance, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, thermal insulation, noise prevention, wind and shock resistance, insulation, etc., the synthetic resin tile has a more prominent advantage, which is strong fire resistance. What is the meaning of the fire resistance of the synthetic resin tile? Now, Xingfa Tile, a professional resin tile manufacturer, will tell you:

1. In terms of combustion, the combustion performance of building materials includes ignitability, flame propagation, combustion speed, and calorific value. Star resin roof tiles are nonflammable (oxygen index less than 20); Self-extinguishing without fire, with a fire rating reaching B1.

2. In terms of mechanics, the expansion coefficient of the synthetic resin tile is small and the volume is stable. At the same time, the tile shape has biaxial tensile properties in a geometric shape. Even if the ambient temperature changes greatly, the expansion and contraction of the resin tile can be digested by itself, so as to ensure the stability of geometric dimensions.

3. In terms of smoke and toxicity, most materials will produce a large amount of smoke when burning, which will not only cause harm to people but also seriously hinder the evacuation of people and the firefighting and rescue work. At the same time, some materials will also produce certain toxic gases during combustion or pyrolysis. In many fires, a large number of victims are not burned, but smoke will cause asphyxia or smoke poisoning. The resin in Xingfa resin tile is a fire-resistant product, which will not produce dripping melting in a fire, will not play a role in supporting combustion, and will not increase the burning of other materials. In a fire, it will form a smoke exhaust belt, thus effectively reducing the phenomenon of poisoning in disasters.

Xingfa synthetic resin roof tile products have passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, passed fire test, ROHS test model (EU) six harmful elements test), PAHs test model (Germany) (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon harmful test), and other tests, which ensure the stability and reliability of product quality, and confirm that synthetic resin roof tile products have strong fire resistance, non-toxic and harmless, and are healthy and environment-friendly building materials.


Heat insulation is one of the main functions of PVC roof tiles. How about the heat resistance of synthetic resin roof tiles?

The thermal conductivity of PVC roof tiles is 0.325W/m.k, which is about 1/310 of clay tiles, 1/5 of cement tiles, and 1/2000 of 0.5mm thick color steel tiles. It can be seen that the heat resistance of synthetic resin roof tiles is high. PVC roof tiles can not only effectively prevent external heat from entering the house in summer, but also effectively prevent the temperature inside the house from emitting in winter, so as to achieve the effect of thermal insulation.

The heat resistance of PVC roof tiles has a great relationship with the super weather resistant resin (ASA) on its surface. High-quality ASA fabric has the advantage of resisting degradation, aging, and fading caused by ultraviolet radiation, and has a strong guarantee for decomposition or discoloration caused by high temperature during oxidation processing in the atmosphere, which greatly improves the anti-aging, weather resistance, and color durability of synthetic resin tiles, At the same time, it also has good high-temperature resistance.


Many customers will wonder: “How much is your synthetic resin roof tile per square meter? Why is it more expensive than others?” Today, we Xingfa Tile Industry Co., Ltd. will talk about why the price gap of synthetic resin roof tiles is so large.

Due to the diversity and diversity of resin tile selection, the price of resin tile is different under different circumstances, but the price is around value, which requires consumers to choose products according to their own needs. Therefore, the price of resin tile cannot be simply defined by a number.

So why is the price gap of synthetic resin tile so large?

1. In the market, the quotation of resin tile varies greatly. The price difference of resin tiles of the same thickness when purchased by the manufacturer may be more than 20% compared with that when purchased by the dealer.

2. Related to materials. Some manufacturers use “semi-new materials”, that is, resin tiles made of semi-new materials and semi-recycled old materials. This product is not inferior to the new material in performance and durability. Other surface materials use ABS instead of ASA. Such products are worse. They will disappear in a few months and break up in 2-3 years, so their prices will be much cheaper.

3. The price of synthetic resin tiles will be different due to regional differences and different consumption levels in different regions. Some resin tiles of the same brand can be sold in 40 or 50 provinces, while others may only cost 30 or 40 yuan.

4. Prices vary slightly with different thicknesses. The thickness of synthetic resin tile is divided into 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm. The thicker the tile, the more expensive it is.

Therefore, consumers should comprehensively compare the product quality, brand, and manufacturer when purchasing synthetic resin roof tiles. A good comparison is very important. Only by thoroughly understanding the qualification, professionalism, successful cases, and after-sales service of resin tile manufacturers can we choose resin tile products with high-cost performance.





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