The Difference Between Daylighting And Transparent Tiles And Ways To Get Them Affordably

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  • Date: 2022/09/22

What is the difference between daylighting tiles and transparent tiles? Let us Xingfa tile industry – professional manufacturers give you an answer!

Daylighting tiles and transparent tiles are actually named for these two products in terms of use and appearance. Most of the transparent tiles are installed on the side wall or the roof of a light steel structure. The installed area accounts for about 10% of the house area, and the materials include PC and FRP. Many people have a misunderstanding about daylighting tiles. They think that the higher the transparency of the daylighting tiles, the better. In fact, it is not true. With the addition of dispersant, the daylighting tile can get lighting in a larger area under the same area. However, too much dispersant will cause a poor light dispersion effect, and the light is harsh and not soft.

Some manufacturers also use old and low-cost equipment. If the temperature control is not good, it is difficult to make high-quality daylighting tiles. Some manufacturers abandon the curing degree of the product and then make a fully transparent daylighting tile. The daylighting tile produced in this way has poor strength, no guarantee of quality, and is easily damaged. Our Xingfa tile industry, with advanced equipment and systems, strictly controls the product temperature, and the products produced to ensure the lighting and product strength, so our Xingfa synthetic resin roof tiles are your best choice.

At present, there are many types of transparent tiles on the market, and there are many models and choices of transparent tiles. Transparent tiles can also be customized according to customer needs. The thickness of 1mm to 3mm is the conventional thickness. Our Xingfa tile industry can design and customize special product specifications and sizes. How much is the transparent tile per square meter? What are the benefits of using transparent tiles?

First of all, how much is the transparent tile per square meter?  

The price of transparent tiles is calculated according to the thickness, and the measurement unit is every square meter. Different models, widths, and prices are different. Transparent tile is resistant to high temperature and low temperature, sunshade and rain, environmental protection, safety, non-toxic, lightweight, good toughness, and UV resistance. Transparent tiles are good materials for roof building daylighting and greenhouse agricultural greenhouses. Here are some common prices of transparent tiles in the following aspects for your reference.

1. 1.5mm daylighting tile 840 anti-corrosion plastic FRP transparent tile. Price: 28 yuan/square meter. Product features: FRP tiles (plates) have corrosion resistance.

2. Waterproof PC anti-corrosion 840 transparent tile. Price: 30 yuan/square meter. Product features: The light transmission rate of the light transmission resistance plate is up to 89%.

3. Wholesale of pavilions and special PC transparent tiles 840 daylighting panels FRP transparent tiles. Price: 38 yuan/square meter. Product features: The light transmission rate of the light transmission endurance plate can be as high as 89%.


As a kind of building material that can improve the lighting of buildings, daylighting tiles have been deeply loved by the public and widely used in various fields. The daylighting tiles are beautiful and colorful, energy-saving and environment-friendly, and have good light transmittance. They are widely used as daylighting measures. The installation of daylighting tiles is not complicated, but some details should be paid attention to:

1. Before fixing the daylighting tile, the pilot hole is required, and the hole diameter must be greater than 50% of the diameter of the fixing screw to avoid the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction to expand and crack the daylighting tile.

2. The daylighting tile is fixed with the aluminum fastener, and the waveform daylighting tile is connected and fixed with daylighting tile bracket and self-tapping screw, and then sealed with glue. The position of the daylighting tile is generally set in the middle of the span.

3. When the daylighting tile is longitudinally overlapped with the steel plate, there must be a minimum overlap of 200mm, and two water stops shall be affixed.

4. The daylighting tile must be connected with the self-tapping screw with a cover plate. The sunlight plate has a large cold and hot deformation and is easy to cut by self-tapping screws. Therefore, the sunlight plate should have large holes at the self-tapping screws. When installing the daylighting panel, consider the expansion of the daylighting panel.

5. When fixing the daylighting tile, a good flashing washer must be used to make it between the screw and the daylighting plate, to prevent water and dust. After the flashing washer is sleeved into the screw, it is locked into the purlin with an electric drill to complete the fixing of the daylighting plate.

6. There is no need to lap the daylighting tiles within 12m, and if they are more than 12m, they need to lap. The lap length is 200 – 400mm. Apply two layers of sealant to the lap joint. The horizontal lap joint does not need to close the edges. The lap joint of the longitudinal color steel plate needs to see the shape of the plate. For ordinary profiled steel plates, it is generally not considered to close the edges. It is directly fixed with the color plate with self-tapping screws and applied with sealing glue. The occluding plate needs to close the edges.

7. During the construction of the daylighting tile, it is strictly forbidden to step on the wave crest directly to avoid cracking the daylighting tile. A 1200mmx300mm (length x width) thick anti-skid board must be placed at the horizontal position of the daylighting board, and the foot must step on it to conduct the guide hole and fix the screw work of the daylighting board.

The above is the installation methods and precautions for the daylighting tiles. The use quality of the daylighting tiles can be guaranteed only by standardized installation.

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