What material is ASA synthetic resin tile made of? Why is it more durable than other kinds of roof tiles?

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  • Date: 2022/08/04

With the rapid development of industry, urban corrosion has become more and more serious. The annual loss due to corrosion in China is more than a 280billion yuan, close to 4% of the gross national product. The annual corrosion loss in Japan is $9.2 billion, of which the chemical corrosion loss is $5.2 billion, accounting for 56% of the total loss. According to the investigation by the National Bureau of standards, the annual loss of corrosion in the United States is more than a 70billion dollars. In the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, southwest, northwest, and central China, there are different degrees of acid rain problems. According to the test of acid rain in Guangdong, the pH value is about 3.8 (Note: acetic acid is 4). Therefore, the indirect loss caused by corrosion is difficult to calculate.

In recent years, the steel structure plant has had the advantages of fast installation and low cost and quickly occupied the market share.

The waste gas produced in the process of modern industrial production, such as acid, alkaline gas and metal smoke, oxides, and corrosive gases, will cause serious corrosion to the color of steel roofs, especially in coastal areas and chemical industry. The continuously discharged acid-base gas is converted into acid rain and alkali rain, which accelerates the corrosion of colored steel tiles! In addition, when the colored steel tile is fixed, the accessories are imperfect, and sometimes the screw hole leakage problem will occur, which not only seriously affects the use, but also brings great potential safety hazards! At the same time, a self-attack has formed many “electrodes”, accelerating the corrosion and rust of color steel tiles!

APVC anti-corrosion Synthetic Resin tile is a new generation product, which is processed by one-time advanced four-layer coextrusion technology.

7 advantages of the product: ten years of non-discoloration, weather resistance, excellent chemical resistance, low noise, low insulation, thermal insulation performance, 2-3 ℃ lower than color steel tile, excellent fire resistance, product application plants, steel structure plants, warehouses, farmers’ markets, roof materials, such as market access, garage, and slope engineering. Especially in ceramic factories, chemical plants, bleaching and dyeing plants, smelting plants, fertilizer plants, and other corrosive factories, the effect is particularly remarkable.


ASA synthetic resin tile is made of high weather resistant ASA resin material and is a new building material made of high-tech chemical technology. 

ASA synthetic resin tile has the advantages of being lightweight, waterproof, anti-corrosion, flame retardant, high strength, moisture-proof, heat insulation, and so on.

Most customers are used in flat to slope, industrial plants, greenhouses, farmers’ markets, corridors, new rural construction, warehouses, reconstruction of old urban areas, balcony ceilings, residential villas, shopping malls, residential quarters, antique buildings, etc.

The accessories of synthetic resin tile include main tile, cornice warping angle, main ridge tile end, inclined ridge tile, tee, 120-degree vertical wall drain board, inclined ridge tile end, drip board, main ridge tile, antique drip board, waterproof cap, 90-degree external corner cornice board, 90-degree gable drain board, left and right cornices, 135-degree internal corner reverse flow board, 90-degree internal corner reverse flow board, etc.

The surface of ASA synthetic resin tile is very smooth. When it rains, the resin tile will be very clean after being washed by rain. ASA synthetic resin tiles are not easy to hang snow, and the risk of roof collapse due to heavy snow load is reduced in areas where it often snows.

ASA resin tile has a general thickness of 2.5-3mm and a weight of about 4.5-6kg per square meter. The resin tile has good load resistance. The resin tile can be supported at an interval of 750mm and uniformly loaded with 150kg.


The difference between the white bottom and gray bottom of the synthetic resin tile does not indicate the quality of the synthetic resin tile.

If you want to compare synthetic resin tile white background and gray background, which one is better? That is the resin tile with a white background or light-colored, pure color without impurities.

The raw material of PVC is white. If PVC is gray, it is probably a synthetic resin tile made of recycled materials.

But the white background is also divided into good and bad. The price of the synthetic resin tile of the new PVC material is about 70 yuan, and the price of the white calcium powder filling is about 30 yuan. There is also a white background with impurities, which is made of recycled PVC powder. The price is lower.

Therefore, we cannot simply use the white or gray bottom of the resin tile to explain the quality of the synthetic resin tile. Let me tell you about the weight of the synthetic resin that is normal and new and good raw materials.

The weight of the 2.0 mm thick resin tile is 2.4 to 2.8 kg/m².

The 2.5 mm thick resin tile weighs 3.0 to 3.5 kg/m².

The weight of the resin tile with a thickness of 3.0 mm is 4.0 to 4.5 kg/m².


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